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I meant you no harm
I never meant to make you cry
You were the only one i ever loved in my life
And though its hard for me to show it
Ive got
side and down
That earful cost me nothing,
Poor old Jimmy’s paying for it by the pound

Everybody loves a baby everybody loves a child
Nobody wants
by piece
They cut me deep and bled me dry until there was nothing left to bleed

And this is how I choose to live
As if I'm jumping off a cliff
a place by the sand
Cliffs and a military band
Blew an air of normality
always thought
If I had a different name, would my life be different?

Imagine if I had a name like Jimmy Recard
Evolved from the joke of a com’
(Jimmy Fallon with a British accent) 
Hello. Hello my name is Jimmy Fallon, and welcome to the auditions for Troll Productions Inc. Remember, we're
September day

why'see, there was somethin' she had to tell him,
But the words were never found
An' as they stood there by the garden gate,
Jimmy picked
of re-election
He was desperate to impress 
Innocent or guilty

He saw an opportunity
To send Jimmy down for life 
To the Penitentiary
Disbelief and anger
and his dog
Sayin' uncle, oh uncle, I have shot Molly Bawn
I have killed that fair female, the joy of my life
For I'd always intended that she would be
by living my life

Wanna feel the wind blowing in my hair
Wanna hear the waves crashing on the beach
I'm not seeking easy answers or inner peace
through my veins
I was captured by a larger moment
I was seized by divinity's hot breath
Gorged like a lion on experience
Powerful from life
I wanted
my friend Jimmy woke up mid-air
No time to smile, no time to wave
They buried him in a media grave

We all love tragedy, it loves us too
Another manic Monday,
Praying for the week to go by
While Jimmy's at the golf course
Smoking on a Cuban Delight
Now money, money, we all got to make
the shoreline though at times the lights are dim
He'll take me past the rocky cliffs from life's storm I'll be released
With his hand on my shoulder I'll have
the ding dong, grippin' my wing wong 
Somthins wrong, who's this, not a bitch but a dude and he's tellin' me to beat it 
Fuckin' Rude 
Its Jimmy, a man,
Ridin my dick like a horse buckin buckin 
Now I'm gettin that enlightenment in my life 
I'm missin that excitement 
Thinkin about how these two
Ridin my dick like a horse, buckin, buckin
Now I'm gettin that enlightenment, in my life
I'm missin that excitement
Thinkin about, how these two
''Cause my friend Jimmy woke up mid-air
No time to smile, no time to wave
They buried him in a media grave

We all love tragedy, it loves us too
or am I cursed by thy presence 
What is my crime 
What is my deed 
Is this life my redemption
Shall I repent or proceed

I hate my flesh
by a quarter to ten
Watching reruns on my TV
I'm laughing off my ass at Three's Company

I don't know if I'm understood
Buy hearing Jimmy Buffett never
mem'ries that I'd left behind the time of my life when I was your wife
Now the song I've heard was our song today
Today the strangest thing happened and I
through my mind
And dreamed my lovers kiss subdued the emptiness inside

I watch a thousand ships go by
From the cliffs abouve the helpless tide

I raise my
a right hook
Pow, he fell to the ground, I didn't mean to kill him

What the hell did you do to Jimmy?
Oh, my God

I didn't mean to kill him, kill him, baby
Here is the path I'm shown
Step by step was not my choice
One more year to go
So this map has been cut short
What's in this job that I've been
passed me flying by
From the thunder and the storm,
And the cloud that took the form

(When the rest of Heavens was blue)
Of a demon in my view.

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