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An olive branch tonight 
He wants to say that he's sorry 
She wants to make him beg 
For all the pain that she's suffered 
In her heart and in her head
Now we went up to the garden
We see olive trees
The bells were ringing
The rooster crows

The men were standing all around
Other men are laying
It's me reaching for the olive branch

Yes I would want things
They have scared me

I say yes I will do all the things that you ask of me
Hanging by the nails
Gasoline the olive branch
Start digging up more body pits

Whip the back of your messiah
Your peace kills by death
Bow your
As your terror cry abominates

Mushroom cloud is coming
Hanging by the nails
Gasoline the olive branch
Start digging up more body pits

Whip the back
it's just like Noah's ark

And the waves are crashing round us
But we're ready for the flood
And we don't need a sign like an olive branch
my olive branch
Lift me up above the stench
Walk me through the avalanche

Honey won't you be my flood
Nothing ever comes out good
Trouble in
Almost home
With an olive branch and a dove
You were beating on a Persian rug
With your Bible and your wedding band
Both hidden on the TV stand.

You raise your sword to my olive branch
And your empire falls like an avalanche

How can you live in such denial?
Small minded prejudice is
your dreaming
In threes
You will bury that hatchet with and olive branch
Tied to your knee

Only when you're sleeping
Only when you're
Although I guess that I will never know
All the things your heart can do
I'll offer up my withered olive branch
And hope that it looks like
to hold this olive branch with a gun against my head

Hanging by a thread
Hanging by a thread
When you break my heart, I fall apart 'til you stitch me
brought back an olive branch
And we all got a bowl of love

Brother Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord
Noah was a righteous man
He walked with his God
Go ask the street vendor
"Hey, when does the fruit stop rotting?" 
The prince of peace was overthrown
By a seductive king
The olive branch when
a wall of circumstance, I'll sit out this pathetic dance, I won't accept your olive branch, I'd rather let it rot.... I'm grateful for each stinging fist,
What can I say?
I ain't no good on my own
I don't wanna be lonesome alone
Lonesome alone

So this six-pack in my hand
Is an ice cold olive branch
seeds, salutation from the missile plant
Quick to the hollow point, it ain't no olive branch
My low cal, four oh cal in the cardigan
Tempted by Satan,