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down too
Oligarch breaks down too
Republicrat breaks down too
Aristocrat breaks down too
Cenocrat breaks down to
Oligarch breaks down
like me
Sail off into infamy

I couldn't surf or sing or play the guitar
All I ever did was steal an oligarch's car
My million dollar joy ride was
a doll inside a doll
Party like a Russian
Disco seduction
Party like a Russian, oh
Have it like an oligarch

I've got Stoli and Bolly and Molly, so
Fresh faced oligarch we have grown far apart
My arkhipov calm will serve me in due time
Turbulence shakes the teeth from the chaos that you speak
oligarch, head of state, potentate
And now never coming back, never coming back

Tombs are full of fools who gave their life upon command 
Of Romance gone
haunt you

Its streets and boulevards
Orphans and oligarchs are here
A plaintive melody
Truncated symphony
An ocean's garbled vomit on the shore
will haunt you

Its streets and boulevards
Orphans and oligarchs 
And here's a plaintive melody
A truncated symphony.
An ocean's garbled vomit
We bitches tear our magazines
Those oligarchs with foaming mouths come now and then
Can't believe I just run second, now I'm forgetting you
Send a Nike swoosh to an African
Casinos stretched high in the Dubai sky
All the oligarchs in the buffet line
Cause everybody's starving
for their
everybody's avant garde
And questioning remarks
Of the oligarch, oh, on the streets and in the yards

I wouldn't have it any other way
Oh, I'd stay as long
Not even under mama's wing
Listening to the cries and pain
You'd think the world was cursed
But the oligarchs are running things
And they put
In his noble crusade to rescue his people!
I was once as you are now! 
I have taken these riches from the oligarchs only for you
For all of you! One
erste Koksticker in Gucci
Droh' dem Kommissar mit Uzi, ich bin Oligarch wie Putin (ey)
Du bist eine alte Bitch wie Monica Bellucci (cyka)
Zehn Jahre
dieser Ukro ist ein Oligarch (lelele)

Mich jagen Großfamilien und das LKA
Wir sind Stars, aber ticken so wie Dealer
Brettern im Camaro mit dreihundert
of my Life

Lebe wie ein Oligarch (yeah)
Seele schwimmt im Woddi-Glas (uh)
Komm’ mit meiner Entourage (wallah)
Aber meine Waffe bleibt Bodyguard (oh)
Jetset Boardingcard, Jay Service - Oli Kahn
Ich hab das Cash in der Hand wie ein Oligarch
Fathi Pass, im Dress von Adidas
Ich mach dich nass, wie das

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