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Blood gang kill 'em all, Odd Future Wolf Gang
Kidnap a vampire, drain all his fuckin' veins
Wolf gray Jordan's, use his intestines for
Come on…

The sun rises on a statue of Mary
The old ladies file into commune
A fat guy in a blue Members Only
Knocks and disappears into a private
the bedpost stays
Out here it’s all Bruno Mars and zero bars
So who I gotta talk to to get a little bar food after hours
Been working hard all night, we
español dime oohh 
Babylon babylon babylon by mouse 
Everybody go crazy when I am rocking the house 
Yo soy el matador del ritmo me llamano el ritmero
worries ya 

I'm known for sampling of soul food 
Off the old school plates 
When I met up with my niggas from the 718 
One the Jungle Bro, the other
[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, yeah... we gon' high to this
(The world's crazy, son yeah.. you know)
We gon' high to this (just something about
they're taking toll
If you've been bad, Lord, I bet you have

And you've not been hit by flying lead
You've not been hit by flying lead
You'd better
Selassie eye and I'm proud to say, I never need a 9 by my waist
Niggas still respect my game so celestials respect my space
And I just might be in