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em sense
But I see the hate through these cartier lenses 
You know ima ball so don't be so offensively

No you can't ki ki kickit
 Kick it with the kid
on me
We don't need to compete
My minds on mine most of the time don't take it offensively

I don't know how to kill this cancer
It's Not easy to break
(Pipe that shit up, TnT)

I take everything offensively, I get mad over anything
Now I'm trippin', I think I drunk too much lean
Before it's time
LuluP right back popping 

Tenacious D
I'm the top option 
Score like James Harden
Make plays like John Stockton

Pick & Pop it
Pick & roll
to penitentiaries offensively
Cause I love music, I chose it don't abuse it never lose it when I bruise it
So don't be livin' to shoot when you know your gonna miss
control over
So don't take it offensively, I still care for you

But I'm the sunshine that can't shine no more
Desperately trying to reach out of this agony
professional heterosexual
Offensively impeccable
His pen and pencil be tellin’ jokes (Ha!)
“I’m sick of all the raps about his testicles and genitals!”
Bitch eat
the circumstances
That were given to us by the universal
Powers granted by almighty energy uh
We gonna go get it offensively uh
Watchin for all of the enemies uh

I'm violently the worst breed
You're life is killed inexpensively 

Entirety worthless and dirty
I might kill you wit no intensity

So silently
packing the heat
Blrrrr rat tat tat
Back to back I'm attacking never relaxing offensively that's on repeat
Old school verse the new school
They don't make
to be
Made offensively
To the tender meat
I intend to beat
Every rapper that I ever meet
It's not just about how fast you can flow it's also the story you
To the tender meat
I intend to beat
Every rapper that I ever meet
It's not just about how fast you can flow it's also the story you can complete
It's just in our heads ... all mentally
Don't talk to me lips and offensively
I'm happy I'm alive I'm glad
I'm not laid in a plastic bag
on the realist 
Niggas gone take that offensively I can't say I'm the realist 
But the people know 
This pain just gone keep on flowing 
Don't even know where I'm
censoring and slandering certain views
Dropping the constitution, and making their own rules
Censorship of views that are offensively true
Forgetting logic
fools bleed

Trainin' rookies for the big leagues indeed

Man I hope you have fantasy points

I'm offensively dangerous when I'm bangin' these joints
to penitentiaries,
I can't be proud and black you say I act offensively,
I say our lives matter you react defensively, 
I'm at my wit's end,
when will the shit end,
to offensively
Serving your own justice by attacking them collectively
Not really healthy
We got enough problems today that need solution
Yet we spend our time
I know I shouldn't care what you think
And you shouldn’t take my words offensively
We crossed the line so many times we’ve lost our way
And we fell
Any grown man talking can catch a quick paw
I ain't gone use my gun offensively I'm serving lord
When I be speaking I speak with my chest and I rock
the things I see
I take everything offensively
I'm gone play you cuz they hurted me
I'm gone cuss you out and tell you things that I ain't even really mean
Offensively coordinated
Loved at the same time
I suit up at game time
Bitch, pronounce my name right
Hall of Famer in the hood
A bitch
Used memories are blasphemy
Vulgar show offensively
Hemophiliac in me
Sacred blessings, blessed me

Hemophiliac in me

Shallow persons hollow
distract and menace me
And if you scared to death, nigga, don't be friends with me
You can catch feelings and act offensively
But you ain't tryna kill

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