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I'm crowded yet unlimited
In this world of free enterprise
I'm shaking down to the rhythm of a lost cause
But certainly it's found by me

Pray hard
indulging duty-free-for-all

Herald of Free Enterprise
Herald of Free Enterprise
Herald of Free Enterprise
In just ninety seconds, right down to the wire
You're a sinner by night
And a holy saint by day

In the sacred corridors evil is set free,
Lurking among the shadows of the monastery
By foreign shores we tread our way
No clue of what's beyond
A lurking threat unknown to man
An ancient force of prey

Through time and space we
We're in a time where all enterprises fall
We should beware of the wolves that haunt us
They are not all the same, cannot take the blame
Paralysis of self injection
Mortal coil
No protection
Spinless sea
Will set you free
In the end
We all bend
No more time
Copper kettles sitting side by each
Copper coil, cup o'Georgia peach
Down on Copperline
Half a mile down to Morgan Creek
Leaning heavy on the end
I wanna go higher, higher
Set it free
There's gotta be more to touch
Than what I see
There's a reason we must be
For the love of God, speak it to me
life come undone, mortal coil sprung  lifted you drifted, welcoming sun  some days i feel brave, riding the airwaves  locked in this room  give me
coil around like so many snakes
You let your guard fall down
I see oz behind the drapes
With one great bound I am free and I am running
No longer can
in her thighs
She telling me about how black people should enterprise
And I'm like, if you don't get your ass in this ride from enterprise
That I
parents are raising your children
O, I could have told you, the vices won't hold you
Warm in a coil where you lay
But high up behind you, seized by
You feel it hit without warning
Coil the serpent, take up arms
It's all the same in the hands of God

Testify - unspoken
Ruined lives - unbroken
remaining hopeful
Making sure your heart is free of sin

In mother's scorn
Blood was born
Where we belong
Our nation's torn
Passage gone
A war unknown
Copper kettles sitting side by each
Copper coil, cup o'Georgia peach
Down on Copperline
Half a mile down to Morgan Creek
Leaning heavy on the end
Our latest tour was now fulfilled 
A few got hurt but nobody got killed 
Now we're heading home again 
Everybody's happy, but then... 

arrangements of the enterprise. Different batches are distributed to area operators, and there are plenty of opportunities for the large investor. They stretch
to life's guarantee
Barren promises feed on your demise
The challenge to be free is a lost enterprise
We can't hide cruel commands
We will see their last
ain't heard nothin' yet
Next comes the part that I won't ever forget
Now I'm bein' followed by these Russian spies
They give me some velcro, and an order
where spirits dwell

Race against the sands of time
He's got you in his coil
The leather wings and talon's rage
Unfolding to destroy
No mercy for
legit that's all I need
I'm free to rot my teeth with coca co I utilise
The phenylalanic flow to tap the toe and rock it
Live I survive by the means I
bubblin bricks  that see twenty million dollars 

I move wise  Chinese secret enterprise 

Black spies givin niggas Darkman neck ties  so civilize
Wooh, and don’t worry I ain’t got no pride
I’m gon’ make your bitch go rent a whip from Enterprise
Then I make my nigga do a drive-by
How the fuck they
the free-throw line and bang
Now, I bust and crush tracks, nothin' really changed
Except, twelve-inch scars on my body
What I mean by that, I was hit by some
"Invasion by creatures from space confirmed
New York City may be the next objective"

[Jise One]
It's the four season apparel stand guard double

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