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lion's odours
He sees faces in the skies
Girl with black guns lion's odours
He sees faces in disguises

He lays an infinite holograph
Days are sunny
live for no-one
This is my damnation

I dream of many things
The rape of angels

This odour of desire
These fumes of funeral fire
The smell of pain, the smell of death 
The odour that is my last breath 

The smell of incense takes me high 
Way up high where eagles fly
If they run out of time
Nothing more than shreds of carrion they'll find

Odors of existence

If you smell the odours
To a rotted death it
Die, die by the flames

Welcome to Rotting Hill - a realm of carnivores
Guided by the stench an odour that marks the trail
Sunrise over Rotting Hill
The colour from the flower is gone,
Which like thy sweet eves smiled on me
The odour from the flower is flow,
Which breath of thee and only thee
My sweet flower, and insect on the cross

Darkly wise odour of the evil tongues
Odious and devious
I despise
Jinx of eden
Do you feel mine
Your odour like a drug for me
You soak me up
Our minds are free
Wine on the blanket
Is this reality

In and out

I see you I
not be stilled 
A sickening stench an odour of greenskin like so many years before 

Trollslayers, trollslayers mighty and proud 
Trollslayers now
a lover 
Gently under your cover 
Your sheet reeks of odours 

Oh i came here to hold and be held for a while 

I've been drifting like a dream out
of the kingly dead
Down unlit and illimitable tombs
Delving in a mummy grave
In sickening odours

Penetrating magic's locks
Pharao's curse reveiled
Listen: the fragile world is silent
Tongues speak a voice of decay
Of the melting skies and the heavy rains
About the odours of life so distant
to chop the fetus I intent, hateful am I
Vile malodours, rancid odours I perceive
I'm getting high

Hate and repulsion is that
Which strengthens my
the pope wear a funny hat?
What's the odour of a smelly rat?

Is religion
A good excuse
To brutalize and abuse?

Can I sing any worse than this?
the stuff for you, this stuff is tough !

Ply 'em with a drink to get 'em hooked,
I'm an evil essence, no odour clone, I can't be overlooked.
Watch 'em
- close your mind
and dancing in the moonlight

My feer carry my softly as on clouds
The luscious odour of the nightwind
Slips into my nose
Dans les étoiles
Dans sa chambre, odour caprisieuse

Sur les muirs des images au paralléles
Aussi belle que son papa
Charlotte avait l'allure
Aussi belle
Anguish but rest in pieces

Celebrate and enjoy
The thrusts with my knife
The way you feel
Is the way you will die
You think you're dead
Putrefied corpse, aftermath of war from time immorial
Cadaverous odour rapes through every breath mankind's sympathy
Perpetrators grow rapidly
Smelling carrion

Rancid secretions are my aroma
Hallucinogenous odours of death
Eyes rolled back by an overdose
Of pleasant morbidious orgasm

Torso is mangled, eyes are removed
Gangrened cavities, brutally bursted
Carved abdomen, cut in two

A repulsive odour infects the air
And gases arise
A scream-like laughter echoes in your head
As the cross-eyed dancers are capering
They flash by you with twisted smiles
Spinning around in odour
tapers in the moveless air nighttime

And doomed already were the radiant dawns,
The odour and the noise of meads,
when all thy trees were bent,
I dreamt I was in Morocco
Strange odours were in the air
And I was in love with a princess
With black curly hair

I dreamt I was in Morocco

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