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Or chris blackwell
Gotta get them stacks well
United states postal service lame
We stack mail

Save some instruments
Cause we'll give you the blues
Oh I'm just in the vein of a nice refrain so pay attention round
And the name I'll tell of a fine young swell and a rich young man called Brown
Hopping out the Saab
Chris Hansen
Dancin’ in a Swiss mansion
Shorty gorgeous
Daddy keep the wrist handsome
Old Impalas
Keep them jumping like they
[Verse 1: Trina]
Icy blue rocks on my arm I shop at Malone for Louie Vinton
The diamond diva miss Cinderella, Versace gown by Donna Tella
get blessed in the red or get blessed in the blue
on the 34th floor they got them G's claimin true
So whatcha gonna do, young killa

[Lord Infamous]
at all the women in those brims
Look at the blue flames that I'm in
I look at all the bullshit that there's been
And if I had another chance I'd do it
takes a drink out of the leak.
My baby's got a blue-green sweater
And a nest down by the creek.
Plume, bloom, bloom, baby bloom.
Cheep, cheep, beep,
Oogin oh, holdin it down believe me
It's feezy's of the heezy, We be in somebody's basement beats by Jason
And Gran call me Chris and Jason

And niggas don't be trippin don't be doin no drive-bys
Cause we don't gangbang, don't wear blue or red
We like that fuckin green, papers what I said