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Celestial catastrophe
Orbiting machines
Entropy evaporates
Absorbing the obscene

Re-occurring collision glowing
Glowing collisions
May you know all there is to know,
May you find warmth within its rays.

This is a re-occurring dream.
History's re-occurring theme,
Who are you what 
Is this who 
(What is it you're…) 
Are you what is 
This who are 
of elements
They've got 109 or so naturally occurring elements

Then they've got 10 or 11 of these
Non-naturally occurring man-made elements
They give them
Dreams of better days will come
Those re-occurring maybes that 
Force the never haze will come
The love of the Never man jumps through the blackest heat
to reach your conscious state of awareness
But this is not a dream
You are seeing what is actually occurring for the purpose of causality violation

Little Bastard 
Has a re-occurring dream
That he's a pirate 
On a sea of snakes
And when the waves come
You can listen to him scream
As a result of our megalomania
We aimed to make energy crawl
But lost the fight to urania

Like the occurring of tidal wives
And volcanos furious fidelism
Who are you what 
Is this who 
(What is it you're…) 
Are you what is 
This who are 
my faith renewing - I feel revival brewing
All over the world there's a burning desire
I feel the Church is stirring and it's gonna keep occurring
Under the flesh
Rot my lust for decayed corpses dead bodies exhumed

Their coldness induces me endless defilement,
Re-occurring relapses,
Occurring, connecting and growing

And no one can tell me to listen
And no one can tell me what's right
'cause nobody has my permission
And no one can see
occurring to each other under the setups of the stars
Makeshift we are, we imagine us here and here we are
Makeshift we are, through half-squinted eyes
I thought you always hated
Those lipgloss girls Jules and Jim
It's a re-occurring theme
Girls like me
Are sometimes hard to please

I can sense the changes occurring in me
Ever so slowly running it's course
I can feel it's venom
Burning within my blood

Crawling through my veins
imagine how it hit me
And the funny thing is that it was just occurring to myself
So I said, hey don't jump to conclusions
Just what makes you so sure
imagine how it hit me? And the funny thing
Is that it was just occurring to myself
So I said, "Hey don't jump to conclusions, just what
Makes you so sure
have just seen began occurring

Subsequent to the events you have just witnessed
Unsuspecting jerks from Maine to California
Made the acquaintance
To prevent this event from occurring 
Just remember, I feel that it is entirely your fault 
But again, these words can only offer 
But so much comfort for
Strange things occurring
Happening over and
Over and over again
Now bitch you are cruelty
You bark your orders with such a degrading dialect

One minute you
My fears, my hopes, and dreams
I just like hangin' out with you, all the time
All those times that you didn't leave
It's been occurring to me I'd like
hello moon,
Hands up! Vote Dr. Doom!
"You know it makes sense"...
It's Def.Con.One, hey! What's occurring? What goes on?
"It's the only choice..."
occurring and conceived
And time goes on.....
Morbid shape in black!!!
Don't want to miss out, you better stick around
Nothing too hard
occurring right here, naturally
Knowledge dispensed for free

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