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slipped on the soap as I got in the shower
I'd turn on the lights, but there was no power
Could this happen to me? Is this starting to be
An obstruction
No Collusion No Obstruction
No Collusion No Obstruction

No collusion, no obstruction, its all a witch hunt
American farming families, you're
only in this for you

The Devil's reign of terror (kids in cages)
Left a legacy of horror

Personal freedom only an obstruction

Freedom is raped by war like whore 
Like technology, technology, technology of materialism
Personal freedom only
saviors give you nothing
Just aggravation and obstruction
More segregation and consumption
It's the creation of destruction

Big Mic verse
Event level
Is this self destruction
In fighting for seduction
Where is the instruction
In fighting the obstruction
Is this self destruction
In fighting for
of strife
See that Christ is your conductor
Of this lightning train of life

Always mindful of obstructions
Do your duty, never fail
Keep your hand upon
of strife
See that Christ is your conductor
On this lightning train of life
Always mindful of obstruction
Do your duty, never fail
Keep your hand upon
about my flo
I be really sun-basking even in snow
And I'm saving my assets so I'm not broke
Because I got a habit of gettin some mo'
Every obstruction I
of energy ripped out from inside of me put out into the world
Met with hostility, ignorance, sadness, obstruction, destruction and animosity
Still I stay my
Enemy the obstruction
If I can be your hero in every situation 
Some would eat my flesh and blood 
Smoke the bones 

Love could be your hero in 
just another obstruction
When you're with this guy you don't know how to function
A matter of time before you cross the line
Between normality,
Can't you see
It's easy
Obstruction go
Take back my control
Can't you see
Your destiny
Full of ecstasy
Essential recipe
Oh oh
Create a time to seek
Obstruction in justice yeah

Innocent people
Denied welfare
Seems that the government
Doesn't even care
is coming now

Back on the road to destruction
Conquering all obstructions
Up to the front I am running
Wake the dead, the second coming

Darkest beast
with too many obstructions
What's the point of making long-term plans on a dying planet
In a society that's set for self-destruction

The weight
All people now fear me I'm a walking decay

Nothing left in me
I'm never free

I'm on the road with conscience far from home
on the sidelines
As a third party
Looking into a glass house
The obstruction and the path are so clear

I cannot see through this fog
I must clear my mind and become
The choice is yours
To grow or to ignore the obstructions in your way
And I no want half of you
I want your mind and your decisions too
Without your
The gray is turning to silver
And now I'm shining
No hitches
Or obstructions
Slowly but the fog is dissipating
It was like a maze
But I was far sighted
to existence free of obstruction
I hope to reach by means of destruction
Here is no forgiveness, no salvation
Just the path to perdition
Ricocheting off these
Or stipulate to relinquish our dream
I know I’ll always care within my means
Have some patience
Have you inferred my point of view?
My obstruction’s obsoleted
time is over

Hard to believe
How it got to be
So messed up in such a short time
May they rot in hell
Send them all to jail
Prosecute for obstruction
been degraded
My Sister
Your body has been razed
My Sister
Your value has been de-praised

Sister I've seen my part in your obstruction
I've seen my hand

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