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sorry, I'm so obnoxious)

I don't fear Tubbs & Crockett
Mama I'm so sorry, I'm so obnoxious
Got two hot rocks in my pocket
Mama I'm so sorry, I'm so
Till I flipped my first dub for a profit
Now I see the world and the options
And I see you back around
You obnoxious
But Anyways
I really only see from
Houston, we got a problem
It ain't no rocket, he obnoxious
He outta pocket, when he be talking
He obnoxious, so damn obnoxious
He taking hostage
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Mileage on the track
I'm so toxic
So obnoxious
You have to watch this
Or you gotta see me move
Away from you now
Obnoxious heart 
You hurt so bad 
You make me cry, I'm sad 
Obnoxious heart 
You run my world 
Why can't I date my own girl? 
Obnoxious heart 
Baby girl I got this
All this love and affection
I'm obnoxious
Pour my heart out like a faucet
Every time that we apart you on my conscious
was trippin', I was actin' way too obnoxious
I had to boss up
Yea I was drippin', but back then was toxic
I had to boss up
I swear before, I didn't know
Were breaking all your windows
Were smashing up.your pubs
Because we drank too much booze
Weve done too many drugs
Tell us we're obnoxious
You can't sell our product
Who asked you to?
Say we play too fast
The music's not gonna last
Well, I think you're wrong
It ain't got nothing to do with you

I'm an obnoxious fucking cunt!
I'm an obnoxious fucking cunt!
I'm an obnoxious
I'm an obnoxious fucking 
Madd obnoxious
Spazzing on em
Call me WombRaider

Fuck this I'm getting right to it
I'll chew off your shoe
And drain you
She said she toxic
Pretty lil thang so obnoxious
She give my brain in my cock pit
High off the gas top notch shit can't top this
She said she toxic
Check me out (Yeah bitch)

My watch is obnoxious 
Ring is enormous
My chain is humungous
My money is a abundant
Kush humungous
Perc enormous
My jewels are
Steez... swear
Oh yea
Sack in my pocket
(Wait... Huh)
Why be obnoxious
(Steez... like this... Yeah)
Halo over my head, sack in my pocket
I party
They say I'm getting obnoxious I'm humble but nigga don't cross me
I'm chill they thinking I'm cocky that's cool but nigga don't cross me
life can be insane
Hop on this train
And we can all be
Loud and obnoxious
Slowly losin' our conscience
We're so partynauseous
And we ain't stoppin'
life can be insane
Hop on this train
And we can all be

Loud and obnoxious
Slowly losin' our conscience
We're so partynauseous
And we ain't stoppin'
I’m Obnoxious
Spittin heavy toxin
Rotten like I’m Johnny
Off em
Just to gain a profit
Purge a pussy
Hear the sirens callin
Yall some copy cats
fucking thoughtless 
But I got your girl up on me topless
These drugs man, they make me nauseous
I should be cautious 
I vomit
I'm feeling
him indeed,
If you cross me once just know you gonna bleed,
Wake up my stomach hurt uh-huh, I'm too obnoxious,
I don't pitty myself huh, I pitty my
Oh baby you toxic, obnoxious
You make me fucking nauseous
My life is so chaotic, I'm off it
Sonic, tryna run away from you like sonic
But every time
Issa brrr
Issa brrr
Issa brang tang tang
She said she want me coz I'm toxic, and I'm obnoxious
And she been whylin' ever since I put the cock in
I’m seeing the cash and it’s bombing in she wanna come party
I got the pack this shit way too loud, it’s obnoxious
Packing the four four, walking in
I’ve been so obnoxious since got the bag
From moving all this product
Cause Homie I’ve been out been out here
Homie I’ve been out here
I’ve been so

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