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Some day

It's hard
Hard, when you're here all alone
And everyone else's gone home
Harder to know right from wrong
When all objectivity's
さあ 続け FOOT WAY
贅沢な Show case hey yo guys
again for you

Through tales of objectivity you shake my hands
All that objectivity could break them both
Whatever I say, context aside, you got what
too much,
It's that sort of thing,
Makes you lose your objectivity,

So if you made it,
Just be glad that you did and stay there,
If you ever feel
The scientist purported that there ain't no purpose
And the theologian told me that it's all been designed
And I'm trying to maintain objectivity
Some things were never there to begin with
Objectivity is truth denied

Apply layers to reality
Things only you can see
Add a beat to normality
like the good that we did's been undone
The insight is when my sight is killing me
I overreact at the drop of a hat
I'm nervous, I guess
Persistence, training, objectivity
Faith, devotion, are things we must learn
If we wanna get anywhere we' been looking for

Right now, right now

A bewildered revelation

Show me objectivity
And let these eyes judge again

You cannot touch what you can't ever obtain
I'm inexhaustible
to be with you 
Am I holding on to lies or holding onto life? 

Standing in position objectivity goes by 
'cause it's hard to ignore losing when
They controlled everything feigning objectivity until the day the blind revolted and contested their reality. The wool will pull with vigilance.
Logically there's room for all questions
Though the answers aren't all known,
Objectivities the myth of plenty,
Who doubt His truth within their soul.
the beautiful face into the foreground
For fear, so you don't see the flaggelated back
The mediums, the "subjective objectivity-support"
They hide and seek
at birth and so I write.
I don't write without the intention of objectivity
or attention in the image
but only as an unright directional bridge
getting wiser
Well, I consider it a crock of shit
You live and learn and still you make the same mistakes
Almost beginning to accept it
My objectivity
We had to be wanted, had to be wanted 

Excitement is mounting 
And overwhelming me 
I'm lacking in direction 
And objectivity 

And I feel
Den! Sometimes the jokes don't seem to work. You didn't understand me right, it seems to me when it ain't got objectivity in sight. One could easily
of healings
Mysteries of answers, mysteries of mysteries

No objectivity lies there to be preached, but yet no relativity
No doctrine shall be found on my
And take my hand so naturally 
When I don't trust myself 
Still you believe in me 

When every faith 
Has been replaced by objectivity 

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