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At the altar each promise we'd close
But old fate played its part 
And soon broke the heart
Of my darling, my Blue River Rose.
Her father objected said think
themselves a party at the point of a gun
They were slightly to the right of Atilla the Hun
A bomb or two and very few objected

Yeah, just one shell
a party at the point of a gun 
They were slightly to the right of Attila the Hun 
A bomb or two and very few objected 
Just one shell and governments fall
you wake
It's all in there

You never said you'd do anything
You made excuses for your mind
Objected core the collective
Don't you dare forget it
And don't forget about my friend that you threatened to kill
You was trippin, and if I objected, you wouldn't listen
And when I finally chose to leave, you
exclusion's sake
Toeing some invisible line of code of conduct
An expectation of appeasing
To perform is divine, to observe is to be objected
Made something from myself
Coz I objected
Questioned my existence
Coz my purpose feel neglected
I, Feel occasional resentment towards society
objected by you 
Behind closed doors I've been losing track of time 
Behind closed doors I've been fighting my own mind 
Sometimes I start to question with
but that's 
The way it's supposed to be I'm not 
Objected to hanging but all the 
Time you don't really need me so let 
Go of all your feeling I still
we a different collective
I just keep making this music
So I can sound more effective
They tryna judge me like the court
Like I'm the one who objected
the objective
Impossible, you don't see from my perspective
I feel objected to write, it's a therapy session
What am I doing in life? I once had depression
I got
Being neglected and objected turned me to a skeptic
Red cap, blue cap, Democrat
Red cap, blue cap, all cap (still the same)
Red cap, blue cap, big cap
just don't call me collect
I expected to be respected
Then you objected
Left me subjected
To live with an unexpected ending
I loved you from the start,
I objected at first, but eventually I joined and I surely did not regret it
I did not regret it... at all
I thought to myself that maybe I'll make
my vision
Manipulate transition objectify ambition
Too easy to complete a mission
Like you'll never witness abscission
Knowing me get objected way more
gallon you gather you carry up ladders
Lightning selected, a dust cloud objected
Lines on your target odds wouldn't harm

While you 
What others
acting stand in foreman? rat roared

say what you like, said ali, rat said and i do,
you're really just ass kissing, ali objected to that too
rat chuckled
it's Pda

It's Kevi Kay
When I pull up
All the ladies
Are like yey

I'm like yeah

I'm the fucken best
Ain't no one

You were fly
Until your
the ???.
She couldn't understand why the people objected when her friends and her family he truly respected
Therefore Stacie had to ??????? knocked haters
been neglected
Once the sideline waste
Make you spit up your guts tell me how does it taste?

You're all just the same
You'll now
of his life
The thief objected he didn't care for any kind of strife
And he told the joker if you think that will work then you're a fool
The joker argued
holding my suit jacket
And hat in hand
Your nightmares/your creation
I objected with a knife
And when I finally let my guard down
I was in the middle
And plus I'll blow you a death kiss why would you set this objected
You can't achieve cease and assist my click came to make you believe

[Chorus: x 2]
something new

The bitter need for sensation

Has objected the fears of my whole generation...

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