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Obelisk Movements (Micranots) · Obelisk Movements (Micranots) · Tribute To Black Obelisk XXV () · Obelisk Movements (Micranots) · Obelisk (Northlane)

War declared, now hear this

Sodomy curse

Fertile semen corrupted to vile seed
Obelisk of swollen beauty
Desperate ablution
dirty room
Butterscotch mountains
Sun shine

Run your fingers up and down the
Obelisk in the earth
Down to 33 rpms where
The primordial gives birth
the dead toll
Of bloodless massacre

Holy charisma as mind control shift
Psychic magnetic field

Endless emanation braindeads
Pierced by
Phalloid obelisks
erasing the ones before
But forms like these are born only to die
But the life in them lives forever
Pyramids, spheres, and obelisks

Are the patterns
erasing the ones before
But forms like these are born only to die
But the life in them lives forever
Pyramids, spheres, and obelisks

Are the patterns
Atop the highest mountain, across the great red waste
Lies the key to my deliverance from this mortal plane.
The radiance of the obelisk sets my
A lonely maiden stands
Bound to the obelisk
As she tugs and pulls
And tries to twist

Shackles slice her virgin wrists
Blood now covers her
the obelisk
Mixing up powders with brooms
You shoulda got a whisk
This is the month of the dead
Leaves on your Ouija board
Carry them 'round in your head

Billion people harvest on Mars. 
Rebuild the remnants of the obelisk, 
One mile from the pyramid. 
Escape From the Planet of the Apes. 
The days are catching up to me
My unconscious fear unbound
Is it time to tailor fit the notion
That come Sunday I'm in the ground?

The obelisk
his stripes
Queens thought the obelisk movement was love movements
Love music, kings and queens concieve seeds to this
And achieve high degrees to this
a tower against the sky
Beneath a red unblinking eye
Radiowaves curve and cross
I stand below them - lost!
Above me is a black obelisk
And the dangers that
Ancient human obelisk awakens from centuries of dust,
Imprisoned in obsidian,
A horrid golemesque abomination.
The man of stone,
Black soul
On Subterranean Obelisks of Blood-soaked Granite.

I Await the Day When the Claws of Doom Shall Rise.
To Drag Down in Their Reeking Talons the Weary and Hopeless
the days 
Of forever go non stop pressure 
The risking obelisks stands stable in the skyline 
You will find icon is symbol and symbol is sign 
in Avaris.
In Karnak, Hath I Raised the Great Hall.
In Thebes, Sublime Monuments, Grand Pylons, Obelisks
And Colossal Statues Are Inscribed With My
drop the obelisk on this

(Check it out)

(DJ Babu, Beat Junkies, Dilated Peoples)
We never fall tho, turntables might wobble, Babu
Drop the obelisk on this, guaranteed hot shit, triple optics

Put out one of my eyes and I still got
Masons pray to an obelisk
Cause I got the gist
The unlocked abyss
Of where the knowledge is
I seen the angles
How they complement
Subatomic particles
I'm a Rubik's cube, I'm the American dream
Check it out
I'm a feminist, I'm also a misogynist
Spit like an arsonist, dick like an obelisk
And I
tribes for breakfast
Ravenous, wait until the moon is in it's crescent
Black obelisk surrounded by primates

Time waits for no man, mindstate will
Set ya watch and watch Lord Matreya ascend 
Been in effect since before George Washington Monument
An obelisk the 3300 pound capstone semi conceals
bill, the monument, the obelisk
They honouring Columbia the children of the colonists
You can trace it back to the root trace it back again
It's really
snugly into the palm of my hand.
When I turned again to behold the looming obelisks, I found I could then
easily read the previously untranslatable
sided monument, they call it, "Black Obelisk"
Pressing it in every cell of the body like phosphorus
I don't do it simply, it's simply God consciousness

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