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як підробка долара на ксероксі чорно-білому. 

I luv nz! I luv nz! I luv nz! I luv nz! 
I, I, I luv nz! I, I, I luv nz! I, I, I luv nz!
I luv nz! I luv
feat. Mobb Deep
Uh huh, yeah
Q.B. (New Mobb Deep)
For the year 2G
(Best of Queens)
N****z know what the f*** I'm talkin bout
Well b**** n****z get you of the grind, n**** grab the nine and
Well fake n****z try to cop the style, cop the 40 cal then
Well if you
egospiritual, we thuggin in harmony
They say death brings life, there exchange no robbery
If I'm wrong pardon me, me I'm just tired of poverty
Why them n****z
goin, gone, sold
What's cooler than bein cool? (ICE COLD) why'all know
that I do this for all my n****z and my b****es
And it's murder 'til day that I
I think I'm going numb
Like I feel no pain
I got n****z that's slain
I got n****z on lock 
That's trapped in a box 
While they losing their mind
There's no hook on dis cro 
I'm Juss going straight in for my dead Loc's 
No cap 

Heard dez n****z want da drama I brought da lama 
Upping up my
the mob
Dictating, ain't taking orders from no one but God

I know you n****z is broke 'cause I know what you charge
Them n****z wishing for a Phantom
Where my b****es dat would freak wit me (cum' on let's Ride)
How many my n****z dat would row wit me (cum' on let's Ride)
where my
(Rule number one... n****z die, daily, hahahaha)
Hear me! Boo-yaow!
(Ready for whatever, hell yeah
What type n**** be a Thug Life n****?
What what what is goin' on
What the f*** goin' on here? Check it out yo

[Verse 1]
Holy amazing grace about face
Total erase you n****z off the face
young n****z blowing all these checks I blow racks in fendi for all them times I was fucked up pop a perc to forget it young n***a living like a superstar
I'm in the streets with the Blood  N****z 
I'm in the field with the Cuzz  N****z 
Act tough get touched Ni*** got Big Bang big bucks N****z 
I'm in
[Ice Cube] 
Damn G  the spot's gettin hot 
So how the f*** am I supposed to make a knot? 
Police looking at n****z through a microscope 
In L.A.
What's up n****z? 
This the colonel(hu-haha) 
Mr. M-P(n****)(haha) 
Come 1 come all, TRU n****z ball(I told why'all) 
I know there's n****s out
Yo they made me want to earl

Blake, hate snakes thug hatin the degree
Outlawz on a paper chase
Can you relate thug n****z

what?) I hate fake b****es, "you gotta wait" b****es
"I don't know you, I don't f*** on the first date" b****es
(Is that right?) Hot shot n****z, talk
and yo soul rise high
remember the DEAD don't die less they F*** WIT'  I !!!

[Ja Rule]
N****z know who dope yo
S*** the flow is retched
And my gee
[E.D.I Amin]
I speak
For all my n****z livin` in the rush
Slow it down just a notch baby
It`s goin` be alright, it`s goin` be alright

[2Pac +
as presidential M.C.
I elect myself as presidential M.C.

Now ask yourself why is he so low key?
Why, is n****z pimpin' when the game chose me
I elect myself
we came to get drunk
We came to chill in V.I.P and smoke a couple of blunts
Pull a couple of dimes, spitt a couple of rhymes
And if n****z jump fly
make it to the top, damn what if?

If I got on some pretty boy s*** like Puffy
N****z in the hood, man they just wouldn't love me
If I wore a suit

Man everywhere I go, I mean like everywhere I be
I hear n****z runnin' they mouth
You should hear how they talk about me

I know Boo Boo
(It's on, Rae) word up from staircase to stage
Yeah, (yo who that?) you know what it is
(Oh s***, that's the Wu n****z man) aiyo

From out the air

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