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I challenge you be	 Legit an E 40 
To Numskull an Yukmouth 
Lets see who get the highest. 

The highest niggaz in
Numskull is my name
Bitches are my game
I have no shame
Some would call me lame
Ooooo Ooooo Like this since I's born
Ooooo Ooooo Live life like

See when I'm yellin'
International help me
No colorlines on my
Ugly and fine
You can sell me
I'm glad folks think the same way

See when I'm yellin'
International help me
No colorlines on my
Ugly and fine
You can sell me
I'm glad folks think the same way

[Verse 1:(Numskull)]
I'm broke, you broke, we all broke
So let's take our broke asses to the sto'
And steal another bottle of X.O.
I'm feelin
I know the whole deal on you tramps[4x]

[Verse 1 - Numskull&Yukmouth]
I got the 411 on you stunts
Ho's rig me up or rig me up, only once
it's midnight

This rap here....It goes for all you playa hata's
Handcuff your ho's....that goes
Handcu-you-you-ff your hoes

This rap here goes to all you player haters 
Hand cuff your hoes, that goes to all you Captain Save-Hers
Me, my major
Ya Capable.

[Verse 2 *(Numskull)*]
For a nigga that make stacks
He got to pack Mac's
Get off when shit hap's
Shit off some stanky
I hate when blacks be clowin blacks on all these talk shows
It's bad enough we shootin' up each other tragically
Two days ago they found some
it worth the pain?
When you flirt with pain, bitch you don't hurt your brain
But you're thick-headed, numskull and Rick said it:
It was the moment
me back behind my back
She probably fuck my partner 
but you can have her player partner
Yo, cause I forgot, my baby mamma (YOUR MAMMA!)

about the power of numskull!
Now I done had it wit all that static
I'm thinkin' I should load my automatic
And let all these faggots have it

payload if you got the smarts that it takes

Don't enter my lab and then question if my brain's full
I might lose my cool, ensure you get
They some numskulls 
You be stuttering like a dumb hoe
Boy better play his cards right 
No yu gi oh 
For I have em looking real stupid
make me feel free

Anything I can do anything in the house of
blend is where I find my energy

I´m too occupied with my own dreams a numskull

SKIT (featuring Numskull of the Luniz) 

...And this for leaving Pac out the 10 Greatest Rappers List' 
Whoever wrote that must of bumped they
Verse 1 *(Numskull)*
Once upon a time, steppin on the scene
a dope-related youngsta, rappin hella clean
a cool type of stance, don't trip where
gotta cut your brains off
You a numskull if you never brave boy
I got backbones I dont pray to fake Gods 
I got 8 pacs all in every bar boy 
I dont
Niggas, I'm God, I'm a numskull
If you don't like me what the fuck did you come for?
If anybody saying I'm not raw
Just tell 'em one thing: I

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