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live as one

Sweetfleshed, hellbent creature
Artist of the fevered soul
Heavenly venomous rapture
Stricken numb by fear I fall
passion, i;m a slave to my trade
How can you be so possessed by the profit that's been made

I live for love where love's insane, I need to numb to ease
on us.
Sweet spirit, let our mortality be swallowed by life."

We're shedding this thick,
Numb and overly insensitive skin
And trading it for something we
The full conscience of the cosmic harmony
Of the ancient soul and the metaphysics substance of the environment
The ancient soul lives inside us,
Darkness chokes my emotions
Your breath numbs my soul
Stand with me, by my side
Take my hand and lead the way
Out from the shadows and into the real
surrounds us
And I know that most of us just ain't right
(most of us just ain't right)
Following the wrong steps, being led by pride

How many lives will
And I know that most of us just ain't right
(most of us just ain't right)
Following the wrong steps, being led by pride

How many lives will we take
I met a woman in San Francisco
Who was lying in the street
I walked on past her in a hurry
I didn't want her at my feet

Am I just numb
with twisted desire
Tempers reveal true repulsion
Unending blind devotion

Live, how can they live
Breathe, how can they breathe
Sleep, how do they
life is pumpin' fast, lives is
I watched Crash and realize that we all survivors
No religion or race could ever describe us
My guys do dirt, move dirt,
the poison never leaves my veins
Blacked out

Can this be the rest of my life
No care, no remorse
Follow me to a cold, numb mind
And live the life of a corpse
Now my body's going numb
This isn't our end
As long as I'm near you
Nothing can tear you down
Let's live like it's just you and I
I can build
Smoke and fire are burning bright, we'll set the tinderbox alight.
Rising from the ashes the phoenix lives, life and death the red flame gives.
The years I was numb feel no regrets
But there's hard to come cast out like a man
I surrounded myself with outsider art
It murdered my spirit
And I know that most of us just ain't right
(Most of us just ain't right)
Following the wrong steps, being led by pride

How many lives will we take?
lost your will to live?
Perpetuating destiny it's in your hands to give
Staring at the crypts of death
Certain mortal perishment
There is no will
Live from day to the next day
Try to satisfy the cravings before they
Consume you

Colours are brighter
The world can excite you
When you're under
Two men as one, the same blood they shared
Born from one mother and divided by hate
One other chose the dark side - its torture and bliss
thought that war was a sickness?
I'm a son of it, fucked up from it
Casualty of my family 'cause of it
We dare to dream, or live to die
Reunited by
Surrounded by people that have died;

Karma take me away;

Caught in this web I'll drown tonight,
Sinking away numb to the fright,
There's nothing left I can
I just lost my last hope of happiness
I watched her as she walked away
My mind was still numb by her leaving
I guess for I thought of nothing to say
about to get wrecked
But no one wants to feel at all
Because we've made ourselves so numb, but I want to feel something
I won't ever live that way
Born too numb
Patience is wearing thin
Consumed by struggle
Overwhelmed with angst
Stuck in my bitter skin

Born too numb
When all is said
And it's taking over me where am I?
I wanna feel something, I'm numb inside
But I feel nothing, I wonder why
And on the race of life time passes by
An ocean of emotion
But still somehow slowly
Goin' numb inside
I don't like who I'm becomin'
I know I've gotta do somethin'
Before my life passes right

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