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I want to love you like your Dad 
And be your superman 
I'll show you things you've never had 
And hold your little hand 

Bring on the nubiles
The weather's warm there, the natives are dark and nubile.
But if you listen, quiet, you can hear the footsteps on the cross-trees
The ghosts of sailors passed,
join out twisted rites
The priests eyes gleam
Blood on their scepters of flesh
The nubile virgin bows
Await the piercing thrust
She awaits
join out twisted rites
The priests eyes gleam
Blood on their scepters of flesh
The nubile virgin bows
Await the piercing thrust
She awaits
Destin fatal un doigt nubile
Un soir par là vint s'égarer,
Et de sa phalange mobile
Frotter, racler et labourer.
J'ai vu s'en aller nos dépouilles
the party
Yes the gods be, working on another slammer
Alphabetic hammer, rock with the jammer
Jammer, jammer, jammer

Nubile style refined like
Plastic age ...road rage
We got videos, stereos, radios and telephones
Nubile contractors, nuclear reactors
Sex scenes in magazines, lazer beams
that's stable, fat cables and turntables
This rapper's back in the saddle, ready, willing and able
My new style is only to be seen around nubiles
All of our sisters are expecting more
And the hordes will take them in
But we cling to another
We dream of another

Nubile days are the days
about to hear a plan
To bring happiness to this Never Never Land

I'd like to see your sisters as a nubile friend
I'd like to see your sisters if I had
Spilling over, Milky Ways Searching fingertips
Feeling for life forms forged
Inside the solar warm
Searching through the sky where we Stream towards a nubile
man tey sa-ra-rai
Lay-oh Lay-oh Lay-oh
Layay man tey sa-ra-rai

We're the lords of the dawn

I'm a child of the birth sublime,
Nubile warriors drifting
to me
I know
We could be

(Are you ready?)
I know you ain't no virgin
A little nubile angel sweet
(There) ain't no need to worry
your kicks
Bitch City, Bitch City I wouldn't a-missed
Blow me a kiss back home

All the vulgar dandies with a rat-a-tat-tat
The cute nubile cuties
Meglio nubile che troia di merda
Uh ninja non rispondi, esprit d'escalier e sei lento a pensare
Sì ma tutto apposto frate'?
Quando rappi sembra che stai
of the missiles
Past of the nubile told in the papers 
Lost in the chases over the climb--see

Large dark eyes
Drop dead thighs
Alluringly reach for my soul
The sky turns red
Striking overhead
Nubile taking control
Fingi di essere umile, poco ambizioso e di esser felice
Se lei è nubile è meglio da assumere
Schiacciato sui mezzi come un'alice
Il mio vecchio
Quand Anémone dit à Mireille
la Licorne
leurs altesses pucelles et nubiles
d'un Duce
alterrées d'etre enchainées
de corsaires
nubile, tantalizing
Straight love when me look inna your eyelids
Turn you inna my wife, fi have my kids
Strength of a woman me embrace it, but


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