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the cycle, break the silence 3, 2, 1 she's on the ground, 3, 2, 1 she
gets a beat down every 11 days in this country a woman is murdered by her husband,
they stay in tha street
I'm only fuccin wit tha real niggaz, they playin fo keep
When tha streetz in yo whole blocc wit them 2
I'm old-skool ? play by
this silence back 'fore it's too late
And it haunts you
And it haunts you
It's a love-hate

This could be suicide
A kiss with these red knives

Episode: IX 

From Sage Daelun's "Chronicles of Antediluvia", volume XVIII:
Episode I: The Fall of the Shadow-King 
Episodes II & III:
the car into gear
How could he be so selfish?
Will this happen, felt it
Why won't he answer, answer, answer, he answer!
"Jason, hello?"

Suicide, suicide
without running out of patience
Move in silence without running up in places
Cake by the layers
Rich but never famous
Hustle anonymous still remain nameless

I'm crucified by the media because I'm loved by the public
Even though I'm rated number one keep your thumbs up and shove it
They said I'm
Patent leather Bapes uh, uh! Closet like planet of the Bape!
Monkey see, monkey do, monkeys following in place
Like I'm living in an episode of Planet
really gon run game
Wait two weeks to give it up and feel no pain
Babygirl, you picked the wrong balla
He was raised by mack's and pimps, model let him
Now everybody tellin' me a lie
Lordie, give me something for my soul
See I don't wanna think of suicide
So please don't take the [?] out my [?]
See I
ain't slept in two weeks, I'm up like I'm tweaking
Serving geekers, man it's hard to get paper up when you beefing
Niggas know my face
Niggas know my
off me
Two years of my life were spent in a mental health
I'm a threat to society, then again to my fuckin' self
I'm losin' my fuckin' mind, my veins

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