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See the situation we´╗┐ sophisticated goons
I know you live by the gun then you die by it too
N****s call me prophecy, swagging and philosophies
crack on a new stove
I'm in the two-door, true that
N****s tellin' me "You back" (you back)
Like a n**** ever left up out this b****, huh?
And if life
n****s done drove me to pack a heater
F*** drawin' up the meat beaters
They tryin' to defeat us
Move us out and delete us
Erase us n****s from the face
the Outlawz
Bad Azz representin' the L.B.C. Crew
What you wanna do? 
You know how we do it

Time goes by
? puffin on lye
Hopin that it get me high
lyin' man
These n****s ain't really kickin' this s*** they be tellin' y'all man
They wanna see y'all get f***ed up right there man
Keep ya eyes on me
If you a bad boy

If you a bad boy then you die
Westside outlawz when we ride, get me high
They f***ed up when the rob me
Put another contract
And when they turn they back its the clucka-clucka-rock 'em yeah!

[Chorus] [Project Pat] x2
If you boys got beef we can (roll wit it)
In the club
F*** that s***, my money up, you n****s just Honey Nut
Young Money running s*** and you n****s just runner-ups
I don't feel I done enough, so I'ma
boss ballin' guilt free
And feds can't take s*** from me, so slow down

I got n****s, shot n****s, drop n****s for fun
I swap from these shoulders, I
I'll be grazing by your window
Please come pat me on the head
I just want to find out what you're nice to me for
When I look up don't think I
ballin' guilt free
And Feds can't take s*** from me, so slow down

I got n****s shot n****s drop n****s for fun
I ????? from these shoulders, I
bass pump.
These n****s is nuts, 
Man that M-14 leave you physically f***ed
These n****s is ducks, 
And you can call me scrooge cause I'm swimming in
Orleans finest, 
Now you are being blinded, by European diamonds, 
And you were seein' two or three times and, 
Got your vision all f***ed up, now you
And get stuck

That's how n****s
Get f***ed up

No love at home
With your in-folks
And the world just keeps
F***ing with your mental
And all these
in the fast lane, got police chasin' me
To my n****s from old blocks from old crews
N****s that guided me through back in the old school

Pour out
So I'm callin' up to got
Me and my charge partna booga
He's a rapper down with us
Party (?) 17's where I dwell
Stale (?) on my shelf
I'm fellin'
the b**** up put the gangsta twist on
Her sunny southern cal it never snows
N****s yellin' ha's and ho's we dumpin' out of 64's
When it comes to the gun
and dabbin'
Goin' back to the labbin'
Lil' n****s payin' me for cookin' they slabbin'
Cook a brick and make it out a brick-and-halfin'
Chargin' them young
a North Memphis nigga
My nigga to my last days
And when I'm dead and I'm gone let the blunts blaze
See lifting weights in the pen got me toned up
the b**** up put the gangsta twist on
Her sunny southern cal it never snows
N****s yellin' ha's and ho's we dumpin' out of 64's
When it comes to the gun
Breaking down some reefa
Rolling up a sweeta
Riding through the streeta
Cheifing like heata
Reefa got me nizzoid 
All because them blue boys
Searching by
The only way to see six figures, is break n****s
Me and Musolini set to ride we high
Big Bogart got the alibi if homicide ask us way
[Project Pat] (talkin)
Hello, hello, hello?

[Boogelou] (talkin)
Pat, what's up man, what's up?

[Project Pat] (talkin)
Boogelou, what's up man?
other New York rappers
Jay-Z of Hawaiian Soapy fame, Big Little whatever

And several other corny sounding motherf***ers
are understandably shaken up by
n****'s through, blazin at his crew daily
The 'Bridge touched me up severely hear me?

So when I rhyme it's sincerely yours
Be lightin L's sippin Coors,

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