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little rock star, man she knows it
My baby's Guns N' Roses

She's got a wild side
That troubles in her blood
Thinks I'm an outlaw
That's double trouble son
She's my little rock star, man she knows it.
My baby's Guns N' Roses.

Yeah, She's dancin' with the devil,
In the cold November Rain.
When she's
My baby's Guns N' Roses. 

Ya She's dancin' with the devil,
in the cold november rain. 
When she's knockin on heavens door, son,
you bet God'll call
rock star man she knows it
My baby's guns and roses

Shes got a wild side
The trouble's in her blood
Thinks Im an outlaw
That's double trouble son
perfect, but what it is 
Is guns n roses, we’re guns n roses 

You can throw a bomb my way 
For every time I make mistakes 
But you know that’d never
it rains it pours
Get caught in lead showers just because
N ain't playin', when it rains it pours
N get set up, when it rains it pours
End up wet
by radio station
君のgeneration guns and roses
時代性 hip rhyme
移り気な music style
Everybody wanna twist and shout
Everyone,everyone Good people...
have turned Guns into Roses like two times today
Now here's something you gotta say two times to Jay
I got my shades on waiting for the sun to shine my

Hemmingway was smoother,
More debonaire and fun,
But he would say her repartee,
Was meaner than a gun.

And a rose...

A rose is a rose is
be the daughter of the late, late rose, I'm November's son
And I'm here to tell you, honey, ooh what's done is done
Yeah, I been claimed by the wind
Why you look confused motherf***er? This is war
Yeah n****, uh, yeah n****
Yeah n****, uh, yeah n****, uh
Yeah n****

Bust my gun all by myself
that hell was in store
Sign a dotted line and give a man a gun

Don't worry boys, you'll all be home by christmas
But little by little the lights
Where restless n*ggas might snatch ya necklace
And next these n*ggas might jack ya Lexus

Somebody tell these n*ggas who Kanye West is
I walk through
at 850 pounds; guns n' roses!

Get in the ring(x16)

This song is dedicated to all the guns n' fuckin' roses fans
Who stuck with us through all the fucking
our gun hands tied
For this old world has seen the worst of us
Its love worn thinner by the day
And every ounce of havoc, that we wreaked upon it
Uh, uh, uh, huh
Exclusive shit
(Exclusive shit)
Yeah, who

Guns n' roses mafia proses
Briefcase money, hot cars, and hot clothes
Lyrical 'Blade' sharp like Wesley and N'Bushe Wright

Soundbombin' could be a catastrophe
When NASA blast off, Flex blast off me
E-vincible, rap round your
Soaring, is this allowed?
I sure bet my daddy proud,
A little n**** with a shaky smile,
On top of the dreams is where I'm found.
Some figured I
have harnessed in mid November
It only brushed the blossom bracket then soon sacrificed
Lives to icicle jackets when the frosted
I sunk to find the walk
and guns
Spray guns, life results with you often times

[Tech N9ne]
Just sprayed by the Tech N9ne hand gun
Now I'm on the outrun
Flowin up
n****'s stomping in my chucks
See I make it rain, dear, cause I'm all by my bucks
Use the butt up in the front, d-ck up in her c***
And I put her in her
none, find my gun
Got beef with this n**** with hits and s***
Chips and s***, run around here switchin' s***

Tellin' people don't play that, you
was Guns 'n Roses
I blast the sound, you check the sound
You got to be down, you got to be down and be like Charlie Brown
Saying good grief

thirty-eight in his waist
But when you live by the gun you die by the same fate
End up, dead before thirty-eight and umm
That's the life of us raised by
employees - and I'm here to teach the principle
Cause I've been saved by mo' bells than Lark Vorhees

Man f*** that n**** 'Cris man, for real man. I'm

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