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Words by Christopher Cross and John Bettis
Music by Christopher Cross and Michael Omartian
We all know how the story begins
How we fall so easily
Every November we're told to remember
How Indians and Pilgrims ate turkeys and pumpkins
And thanked God for giving their new way or living
Christopher Cross Songs/Moonblind Music
Words and music by Christopher Cross and Rob Meurer
It's a calm wind blowing on my skin
And I've been dreaming again
Now that we're all here

Words and music by Christopher Cross and Rob Meurer
The clock is screaming and it's time to go
The day is waiting and you're moving slow
I am the spiritual kind
I keep a cross in my pocket for some peace of mind
I hold onto it when I need a little faith
When I'm lost, I find I'm
the cool clear mountain stream
We came to share a love forbidden
A union cursed by family
To be forever unforgiven
When we swore eternity

We settled hard
(Chip Davis, Bill Fries)

On a cold November mornin'
Back in nineteen-thirty-seven
With an early snow a-fallin'
On the three-foot tracks at Ames
whoever is up there
Please don't let me die

And I can't live forever
I can't always be
One day I'll be sand on the beach by the sea
The pages keep turning
lovin' a sharecroppin' man.

On a cold November eve'nin 'cross the bitter plains we ran
Far from that old shotgun and our copper weddin' bands.
And you
hell itself

I desecrated the disgusting cross upon which the prince of lies apparently died
Once upon a November cold when I cunningly committed my
It's the 13th of November 
And I cross another day off the calendar 
That hangs there by the door
A silent witness to the lonely life 
That I
have harnessed in mid November
It only brushed the blossom bracket then soon sacrificed
Lives to icicle jackets when the frosted
I sunk to find the walk
Stretch died
I just got out of his ride
He dropped me off and drove to Springfield
November thirtieth, another Queens king killed
It fucked me up, y'all
but fuck you
I love you but fuck you, things will never be the same with me

Met you at a rock show, November no Octo
Took pictures then locked yo
to this court when these problems first began?

The year 84, November, day 10
Overwhelmed by the wicked inspirations of an evil gen
I realize my ideas has
Shouldn't have had her curtains open, so that's her fate
Leavin out her house, grabbed the bitch by her mouth
Drug her back in, slammed her down on the couch
and falsely accuse him
After being murdered by Pilate how can it be
these same white Romans established Christianity
Constantine would later see the cross in