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goes on
It may look out of reach

And time may rob us like a thief
But love goes on
And in the end if I know nothing else
The answer is right here
), the weasels and the feared
(and it's so wrong not to see? ), the ghosts of the disappeared
All gone away...

Sometimes, when I'm
singin' the blues,
Ain't got nothing to lose.

I got to tell you I got the blues down in my pockets.
People, what did I say?
Bills are gonna rob me
And all the lights in the houses one by one go out 
Softly in the distance nothing stirs about 
And the night is filled with the sound of a whipporwil
And all the lights in the houses one by one go out 
Softly in the distance nothing stirs about 
And the night is filled with the sound of a whipporwil
Only the children, only the children cry, only the children

Why do those who have plenty ignore those with nothing at all
Why must the ones
watching the cars go by
You were there, every night, at the corner of elm and vine
And you had nothing to hide
For just a few bucks and you know it's a free
all for granted
Then life start turn to granted
Having everything to having nothing
Now this turkey ain't got no stuffing
On the couch ill puffing
to face another day
Everything is better let unsaid

Because I don't want to get a job
I've stolen all that I can rob
I don't know how I will get by
Nobody knows what tomorrow may bring
Or how far we may be blown by the wind
Over the fields and far from home
There are those who'll try to rob
a prayer with you

But I done prayed and prayed night and day
I still can't seem to find my way

Rob that ain't nothing but the devil telling you
Paling well after sixteen days, a mammoth task was set 
Sack the town, and rob the tower, and steal the alphabet 
Close the door and bar the gate,
To be without you 

Just sit by my side & share with me 
All the feelings inside & the things you see 
About you 

I know Miss Lonely will
to you Instrumental That's all I wanna do Please think about it (Think about it) I'm no good without it (Think about it) Please think about it (Think about
And kids had nothing but jokes just like Perry
Every night at the show was a good night
Hot Dog and Ev in the morning had a food fight
Chicken all over,
get lit this time
To light the real bonfire, for all time
chorus, followed by instrumental
I was drinking in the night club
It felt good to be back
the final say
Hired in, take home all the ones who missed for souvenirs, for their kids to play

Passive resistance! it's all programmed by programmers
By My Side)
Give Me The Love That I Need
Baby Let's Lose Some Sleep Tonight


Sweetheart One Night Together
Is Not Nearly Enough
We Need
This is Seeed ya
Everybody wake up
Forget your strive
Embrace life and check this

Yau, you are my princess baby ,nothing less
Love you in
I get up Friday morning and I'm late for school
Only 13, but I got a mad pull, it's cool
Who needs a job when I can steal and rob
Making all that
I pray that soon the blessed meek their world shall inherit
When all of these bastards are judged by their merits
And called to account for
Kweli and Raw
You can be sure that we got our eyes on y'all
Watchin' different artists rise and fall
Mother fuckers jumpin' ship like we came to rob
[Lil' Rob]
Hey what's up homeboy
Lil' Rob back up in this motherfucker homey
Kicking back with Royal T, Frank V, Yogi, Silencer, and True Breed
Terri every time we talk we just disagree
Every chance we had is passing by
The simple things you say all drift away into the night
So don't let me
Well ah hungry and ah more broken than a louse
It ain't have nothing left for me to porn in the house 
Meh girlfriend have a pussy cat they call

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