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Now it was a hot sticky morning
'Round the Fourth of July
The breeze was standing still
I'm hanging out by myself
And I'm having a good time
He rode easy in the saddle. He was tall and lean, and at first you'd a-thought nothing but a streak of mean could make a man look so down
been in Arkansas with her ailin' pa
Ain't nobody home that way
(Ha ha, 'cept Abell)

Now, I don't mean nothing by what I say
But if you won't say it, I
working harder than a hundred black mules down in Mexico
No water, no cloud, no cover
From the hotter than hell
No dinner bell, empty oven again
and juice me (for what?) for my papers
The offer me a mule (and what else?) and 40 acres
I'm dissing snakes now, there's no time to catch the vapors
I'm not
it, I need it, yeah
Yeah, she turns me on
Alright, hold tight

I'm a highway star 
Nobody gonna take my head
Now that I'm on the road again