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Me and my nigga Mystikal make a plan that generate
Sufficient amount of funds across many lands
Generate the heat the place radiate
When I break
It's the nigga that get hard than starch in yo fuckin creases
Rip it to pieces
Slicin and dicin and icin em right
With the mic I use
featuring Mystikal 

It goes on and on 


So that's how it's goin down, my nigga? 

{Big Mike:} 

Yeah, it's happenin
featuring Mystikal 

It goes on and on 


So that's how it's goin down, my nigga? 

{Big Mike:} 

Yeah, it's happenin
Bitch I'm on a mission
Not the one to be mixed up from this nigga and that nigga
Hundred percent, full blooded natural, rap whipper
Ass kicker,
I'm not that nigga, I'm not that nigga, I'm not that nigga either, understood?

[Chorus [Mystikal & G-Quikk]]

You're all on my dick
soldiers, gone off a Hennesy and that doja 

Runnin from the, (Who?) motherfuckin rollers 

Slangin, (What?) tapes like cola 

Nigga, hangin with
dick nigga Mystikal 

and they knows who got the clout all that 

on that nigga and that broad with the tanks around they necks 

we connect like
the game by the rules 

that nigga flinched and my gun went boom 

you done fucked with a type nigga 

put money on my own fuckin head 

shake any
you're on the stretcher
You might run but I'ma CATCH 'EM!!!!


(Yo nigga you caught that bitch yet?)
FUCK NO! I ain't caught
Naughty By Nature down with Mystikal, you bitches foul

Verse Three: Treach
You get your ass kicked when your only assets is ass bets
You cry
down yo' way
That bitch there smell dirty dirty, that bitch filthy

It ain't gone kill you nigga

Say dog I smoke that, I
that shit, to actually go do vargos
No one knows I chose not to hurt nobody
But it was him and me, and I cho', I chose to get rowdy
Took, he was
cause we doin it nigga and that's over 
they want to pass by my nigga Mystikal 
if you do then we gonna do it girl now check it 
I like to head suck
bigger than the jaws of Dizzey Gilespie 

Nigga the nigga won't let me 

That's why when I get my shit I snipe like Wesley 

You fuckin wit my right
Beats By The Pound. 

Puttin it down. 

You other producers back up and put them drumsticks down. 

Craig be	, O'Dell, that nigga KL. 

Mo D,
[Redman:] Yo, I need to wait
 [Mystikal:] Tarantula, tarantula, boof!, handle yo' bidness
 then nigga
 [Redman:] Mystikal waddup nigga
fabulous, know what I'm saying? 

let's kick that shit! 


[Verse 2] 

it's like a big rush with no time 

niggas be like "whyyyyy"

Certified rhyme busta 

Bitch Nigga, Bitch nigga 

Same nigga, If I'm not that nigga 

but that nigga from punks, still come with the rif
We blended with Treach and Vinnie from Naughty By Nature 
It's Mystikal with Silkk the Shocker and 'nem 
No Limit Lieutenant is at it again!! 
featuring Silkk the Shocker  Snoop Dogg 

[Silkk] (Mystikal) 

Man these niggas... 

They might have to learn the hard way. 

(Y'all gon'
Lewis, nigga I'll fold you
That's how these niggas get they shit knocked down
From fucking with Mystikal and the chick Fox Brown

If it
fallin' outta trees, 

No Limit niggas don't say hoes, 

ain't no caps that be floatin' in the breeze... 


Now, Now, Now P, all the time, I
Yo nephew, give me some of that No Limit shit
We got my nigga Fiend in the house
C-Murder in this motherfucker
Mystikal all up in this

I'm a down ass nigga (nigga), don't ask me that 

'cause if I put up in her cat you'll be getting me back 

The clock is that 

Don't let