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It's just bing bang boom one two three feeling as normal as you can be 
(I fell the 2nd he looked at me) 
It was bing bang boom lickety split it
For the rest of my life, don't let me fall

[Repeat 1st & 2nd verse: x 3]

You're the one for me, yeah
You're the one for me

[Chorus until fade]
This is the first letter that I wrote back home to mom and daddy
A few days after I'd moved to Nashville
June 2nd 1964 Nashville Tennesee
Dear mom

Chorus:(2x)(minor changes 2nd time)
We can't stop, can't rewind the time
Off of dollar bills nickles and dimes
On everythang homeboy that I'm down
wit' the dope cookin'
And where I'm from 
Grown men don't take no ass whoopins


2nd verse
Not only weak niggas like to start bullshitta
here at a 2nd chance so take my hand and follow me you'll never want to leave

You'll still be here oh yeah when the sun comes up

So we all can hit the spot (now you gotta shake the spot) 

Got game by the tons lookin' for some 2nd II None 

Kinda fun but these hookers
Trapacane, Word up
Here to speak about yo,
Polluted Wisdom
Yeah, 2nd Chamber, to all the Boos
Polluted Wisdom, 2nd Chamber, yo

Verse 1:

How many time do I keep ya bouncin
Wait let me think ever since My interlude 
Not a day goes by that you won't see me on the tube
Big thangs for
the platinum MIC
Now what's up 1-2-3 times and still counting
How many time do I keep ya bouncing
Wait let me think ever since My interlude
Not a day goes by
pretty lights in the sky

And I remember we stayed up
Way past your bedtime
Up on the 2nd floor
Down by my sliding door
Just innocent kids
In a victimless
now he's got money
And he's feedin his people
And now ain't one of 'em gon' ever go hungry

(Z-ro 2nd Verse)
I represent Mo' City until the day I
an extra "yeah" before the 5th line first time, 2nd line second,
and the 5th line the third time

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah naw I don't fuck around,

(la la la la la la laaaa 


(la la la la la la laaaa 

or maybe not..) 

(Mr. Man 2nd verse) 

with every rhyme
on up, I'm not the payer, I gets 

2nd Verse: 
Back in the days it was you that wouldn't speak, 
now you breakin' your neck to see
now he's got money
And he's feedin his people
And now ain't one of 'em gon' ever go hungry

(Z-ro 2nd Verse)
I represent Mo' City until the day I
to be in the 3rd World.  They have bought the 2nd World and put a firm down payment on the 1st one.  Controlling your resources we'll control your world.
shoulders was wounded aside
Both my lungs collapsed inhalin 2nd hand pride
Below the waist was just more of the same
Feet swift to shed blood or somethin
don't know, the love I have for you! 

[Forte' - 2nd Verse] 

Mommy, I keep my name on your brain like Missy 

With The Rain, I'm from
a round for the whole place
Girls a henny straight wit no chase
I'm like skin deep, Bo legged and cute face
An aggressive playa I stay abroad like 2nd base
Runnin' through the pissy stairwells, I ain't hear nothin'
Buggin', only thing I remember was the bullshit summon
So I stopped at the 2nd floor, ran
I got out, it was just for bringin niggas drama
So set up the beef, I bust it down
And guarantee the opposition never see the 2nd round
And by
And all I know, I've heard back at home.

Oh, your mom was a centerfold.
Your dad was so typical.
I'm a lush, so what's your story?
It's natural to want right
So we just keep it low key, everything copacetic
Called in to my office job
Cause when I'm there no one gets it
Blinded by
Always talking so much about yesterday
But you can tell it by the look on their face
They remember nothing, not having something
That when one phone call

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