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drake, and the power that was undone
Rise to claim Saturn, ring and sky
By those who see with their eyes closed
you'll know me by my black telescope
Came and defeated the one
The master of disharmony

All ablaze by the glory of their arms
Swell of the trumpets filled the sky
Morgoth banished from
never seen

The southern cross shine bright
Across the colder seas under rain ridden skies
We go on by the light of the northern star
May the mighty
At the dawn
The golden moon was shining bright
With the silvery eyes of death
They had seen me salute the flames in the sky

Northern Lights
the world outside pass us by
Right here in our Arabian Nights 
Until the Northern Lights cross the sky
There is no other

Indian summer, the storm that

Crossing the wastes of the northern fields
Frozen by the cold that paralyzes the will
Enter the darkest depths of the northern woods
Under Norve's star filled sky
In a forest so deep and wide
Eight hooves are thundering
By the mountains darkest side
In the shadows two grey
Where the calm fields of snow
Become one with the sky
I am there, I am waiting
As time passes by

I set up the weather
To suit how you feel
The mystery of a dying fire
Gaze into the astral skies
The sun has passed away
Unite the present with eternity

Embraced by the never ending doom
Northern landscape
Calm freezing night
Demons in this black sky
The shadow ends or my life falls

Breaking out, chosen soulfire
And so
watching the ships go by,
Chasing smoke rings like marbles into the northern sky 

Sometimes I hear the sound echoing through my mind,
Somewhere I hear
watching the ships go by
Chasing smoke rings like marbles into the northern sky

Sometimes I hear the sound echoing through my mind
Somewhere I hear this
[Music: Demonaz, Abbath - Lyrics: Demonaz]

Out in the black night
In the cold Northern breeze
Under the red skies
Surrounded by blasphemous winds
soar without delay
And be the first thing that you hear
As you begin your day
I wish the Northern Lights were of a fabric apprehended
That from these
howl outside.

Where the calm fields of snow become one with the sky
I am there; I am waiting as time passes by
I set up the weather to suit how you
the rainbow mist that filled the sky, was the tears of God.

Some say it was the cannon smoke some say the Northern lines,
That cast a ghostly image over
You were waiting at the end of the road
So I wouldn't miss the turn
On a moonless light with your flashlight
I was touched by your concern
None to be picked and none to be seen;
Standing by a harbour soaking rain,
Why must the sky bring rain back again?
Wake, an angel talking,
And the river is tickled by a cool northern breeze
I'm floatin' like a feather when I'm sittin on the leather
Ridin out on the gather
Ionospheric splendour ignites the northern skies 
Unseen by jaded eyes 
Preferring more an insect's view of mundane, grindstone lives 
This planet,
Music by: Andrew Winn
Lyrics by: Andrew Winn
Appears on: Seed

Welcome to the world of the northern hemisphere
Greet the winds of this
every day as you love me
As the sunset disappears across the northern sky
You look for forever in my eyes
All I can say, long as I have a voice
you can [?]
Watch the particles collide
And trust the stars up in the sky!

Sand that's gone, snatched by the storm
Are the poles really shifting?
in a northern town
Between the earth and sky

These thoughts of you come around
At different times
We watch as the sun goes down
At different
has got you down and I know
I was helping you out
While your hope died under northern skies and it shows
I was helping you to realize
The reason