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Now we're flailing in the wake
Of progress passing by
At the speed of normal

Ever since you were the baby
You've been trying to grow up
of twenty five thousand feet at an air speed of sixty hundred miles per hour 
Headphones will be provided by request for a varied program of in flight music
Silk scarf and a napkin hidden in a drawer
Two hundred bucks in an envelope labeled Lenore

"Maybe she shouldn't see this
She should never know"
stinch of death in the air
Nobody seems to notice or nobody seems to care
its just an everyday life an a normal routine
People walkin' right by but
In Hollywood they have a different language that they speak
It's spoken by those folks who went to school for just one week
It's found inside
trust nobody
I've been betrayed by everybody around
Cracking jokes I don't laugh much
For help I never could ask much
If I'm down an out I get passed
in a May-be, and I'm probably with baby
Don't talk nigga fuck you pay me, intercept your bitch like Bailey
Okay big money on this side, 100 grand for
money on this side, 100 grand for the whip my bitch drive
Need a new safe money getting too high, dead presidents all in my Levis
Boy I swear this nigga
from thin air
To have the wind blow a few hundred dollar bills into your wallet

to have 100 cc's liquid luck supplement
Dug into your blood
Hear my tale, I'm Norman Normal, always humble, mild and meek.
In my bank a lowly banker, run-down brach on nowhere street
'Till one day a stranger
seems to care
Its just an everyday life and a normal routine
People walking right by, but never notice the screams
A backwoods philosophy passed down
time to let go

Uh, dear who ever the fuck is listening,
Tell me of the pleasures of being a normal citizen
'Cause all these fittins' and Vivians
from two totally polar opposite lifestyles.
Under normal circumstances I would be
Waking you and your rich parents up at gunpoint.
sun waiting for the world to plummet
Finished growing up under my uncle's roof
He taught me how to count all the way up to 100 proof
From watching him I
gon' take, nine-hundred-thousand in clear
Takin with a clear, I don't need a Benz this year
Took care of my paperwork
Takin United Taxi out to Vegas
to ur-ine
Sex with one whore is deplorable I need four at a time
Maybe i’m lost in the grind, conscious of all I desire
Forcibly caused to be normal
increased by six hundred percent
And it was clearly an epidemic where all this do had been dumped
It becomes a dust that can be inhaled
And infect the blood
money on this side, 100 grand for the whip my bitch drive
Need a new safe money getting too high, dead presidents all in my Levis
Boy I swear this nigga
the floors
better yet i was a spook behind the door
w/a perfect view from the bannister
feeling like Lee Harvey
'cept i got a hundred million years in me
ye mom
Got a dad attacking in the night at around 1:00
Feet are like drums coming to you, ye can't run
Struggle with the thoughts, am I normal or not
not the craziest
I'm just a normal heterosexual homosapien
Ha ha ha ha ha
The industry tried to cave me and I was an arch angel
But they changed me
turn 50 to 100 before you can count to ten
End up missing fuckin with Millz, never found again
Rappers thinks they nice
Congrats, they must have found my
its about money, you can count me in
I'll turn 50 to 100 before you can count to ten
End up missing f***in with Millz, never found again
a hundred rhymes
Swollen Members Black Magic
Tour bus, a pure rush
This album is a classic
'cause legend has it
The veteran of letters is drastic
and all a that (That's right!) 
Anyhow  on my way here I almost died 
This bitch in front of me was like a hundred and five 
They worry about drunks,