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A new Royal Family, a wild nobility, we are the family
A new Royal Family, a wild nobility, we are the family 
A new Royal Family, a wild nobility
A new Royal Family, a wild nobility, we are the family
A new Royal Family, a wild nobility, we are the family 
A new Royal Family, a wild nobility
Ring-a-ring the children sing, the black plague bells are heralding 
Their funeral pyre, for beggar, priest and king 

No, no, no, nobility's no sanctuary
Ray's the perverted son
The holy man hanged by nobility
Into The Crypts of Rays

Alluring children for his masses
Robbing and buying young souls
Omnia mors aequat 
We could end our lives at just a thought 
If you're nobility or nothing alike 
You're bound to die because your alive 

そう 貴方から響く nobility

All the world's a stage, we're merely players
That's why me must know that "who am myself"
Spirit, yeah that's the king

Civilization, without society
Power and wealth with nobility
Stability, without stasis
Places and spaces
still in place
And the ancient nobility's complexion differs just in name

Old regime, smoke of history
Liberty still wafting in the breeze
A new
for my dignity
say three cheers for nobility
though we're all awake
it's only a grapefruit cake
just the same
having all kinds of cards
i'm just
for my dignity
say three cheers for nobility
Though we're an awake
It's only a grapefruit cake
just the same
Having all kinds of cards
I'm just
Insisting on the old manners
Celebrating splendid feasts
Representation of the states

Blue Blood Nobility
Resist High Society !!!

Living in
Noblesse im Gesicht
Let's deca-dance in jedem Fall
Die Smokingträger überall
Denn nobel geht die Welt zugrund'
Ob dieser oder jener Stund
Nobility for
Oh my lonely world
Only world I see
Oh my wilting world
Tilting world and me

Clinging to a vine of promises
Grown from her nobility
When she
無垢な悪でdress up, and make up,
let's stand up
焦らさないで そう
Gonna B〝FREE〟Anything goes
Glossily! Can you do?
To nobility! like the cat.
あたしの色に 染めてあげてやるわ
He shattered the tranquility 
Executing all nobility 
Beheaded for all to see 

The King in Red 
Off with their heads 
There's no time to count
in all that is stained
We poison all that is pure
We endanger all that be

Strength through adversity
Death with nobility
With nobility's horrors in tract
They ritualize the crime to trim the fat
Predators hide in plain view
Moral rot in a leg hold trap
Gaining trust
her as she grow 
Don't want to say it very obviously 
But she's losing her nobility, Miss Amanda Jones 

Hey girl don't you realize 
The money
with one in five minutes alright 
Enough talk, let's start fighting... 
What kind of nobility is that huh 
If you want to find out, try me, Haaa 
came now

Souls bent over without a breeze
Blankets on burning trees
I am sick without disease
Nobility on it's knees

And if the rain came
can't find no salvation, you have no expectations
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Mercury, gravity, nobility, humility.
You know you can't keep her
all the nobility of an ancient race

She turned, she was startled with a look of surprise
With a hatred that could hit the skies
"You're a reckless
I need a woman 'bout twice my age
A lady of nobility, gentility and rage
Splendor in the dark, lightning on the draw
We'll go right through
lack of Royal baggage,
Bustle her and three corgis to the rear of the carriage,
For the train it is crammed with all Europe's nobility,
And there's

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