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From the 12 inch single "Nineteen" by Phil Lynott with bonus Thin Lizzy track
Also appeared on the live Thin Lizzy album BBC Radio One Live In
the slightest bit of one
I need to open out my heart

Lost track of time and I saw it in my mind
I love you from up above
True by the blind and light of my
Sleep(?) for desire, love is for hire
All she thinks about is sex
One track mind...
There he goes
Following the end of his nose
He's following her
through Friday and Saturday's for bonus perks
Nobody befriends the beast
Just to make ends meat and try to pay rent and eat
Spreadsheets by the end
advanced for your little cause 

Pole position  my verbal contact no life support 

We'll maintain position  lift off to ignition 

Frequency feedback
into love, into lust,
Into innate inner-child's thoughts of we chasing the sky
That fell into the sea that we created for ourselves to be self-absorbed

This goes out to all my peoples in the city
Making ends meat, getting by
Thinking 'bout the hustle, everybody struggles for
for chump love
You won't be back for cover
But no no no no
I'm no chump love sucker
No chump love sucker

No chump love sucker

I thought that
Or maybe your love is a railroad 
That you ride when you are all alone 
And you speed down the tracks 
To what you call home 

By 7:30 you'll fall in
by one
It costs too much money to keep them on

Me and Sarah Jane
In silence walk along the shore
Tears of joy and mocking laughter
Words lost in
Skies ripped open by the sun :: Daylight comes but not soon enough 
I speed down your track in search of you :: Strapped to the back of what we do
What did I have that I don't have?
What did he like that I lost track of?
What did I do that I don't do the way I did before?

What isn't there
never feel right in a tie and suit
501s and a plain white tee 
I stay gettin' stopped by the LAPD
That's just life growin' up in south central
I been
the tremble of the tweeter and the presence of the bass
Mo' bass!

N-n-n-now when I say bass, not the base of the pipe
(You mean
Make a little harmony
Maybe a bass track
Like one from the Rolling Stones
None of this long lost art
This archaic stuff
Go out and make something
blissfully around a bonfire and
sacrifice life's sanity Pay a nickel for nose-bleed seats in a peanut gallery
Gallop with a Pegasus, malice with no benefits,
We destroyed suburbia
When we were outlaws
We're outlaws of forever

I found a knife by the railroad track
You took a train and you
much it hurts he cursed
As his truck tyres lurched down the
Old dirt track road again

She fell in love with a beautiful stranger
There's no arrangement
To those dealing with blow, had the big gold bow acres it was those gangsters
That bonus, that culture, those projects
Shiny shit on their necks,
And no holding back, Ill see you through
Sky blue and black

Where the touch of the lover ends
And the soul of the friend begins
Theres a need
Sermon sung me slow to sleep
Faster if I had a choice
With every breath another death
Still so in love with your own voice
Idle threats to hide
love is lost, so carry the cross
'Cause there's no human in us left
We are music made for the deaf
They play a game that they know they'll never win
lost in time
You talked of love and I agreed
So many chances passed us by
And now we've lost the strength to try
Your love was never mine to keep
You dust your britches off, an' tell yourself you're insane,
But every time you love a man like that:

You get lost, you get lonely.
You get calls
was the lord

And although she goes grazing
A minute away
He tracks her all night
He tracks her all day
Oh blind to her presence