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the line

We don't have to pretend
Ya got your Hollywood ending
(Another Hollywood ending)
Ya got your Hollywood ending
(Another Hollywood ending
so I left her in Hollywood
She wanna be amongst the stars, so I left her in Hollywood
I left my heart in Hollywood

Paparazzi flashing, you blinded by
the same old town, just rearranged
But by the time our feature ended, fear still stood
Like an old time movie, like a film from Hollywood
Oh, my screen goes
without you
Without you I'm nothing

Let's give this a Hollywood ending!

I'm nothing without you

No hero

A zero

That's me

With you by my
to believe it
I hear that Hollywood's a very tough scene
Where else does someone eat their
Co-star on screen
Hey if you ever want to get away quick
Got shoved under a bus, some big Hollywood ending,
Bruce Willis shoots them all and gets the girl.
No guns, no girl, somehow I've wound up in
and football tops, I know
Baby, baby, baby, why you?

No sweeping exits
No Hollywood endings
Flowers and football tops
Don't mean a thing.

My baby is
something in your mouth

Crafty little lip tricks
Tattoos on her left hip
She bending as your spending
There's no ending it so baby come on
Dressed up like
starting shit, I like ending shit
I don't squash the beef, I don't bend a bit
It ain't intricate
I'm gon' shoot your stupid ass
You too could laugh, you gon'

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