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stops playin'
You can still find me somewhere saying

I shoulda been born in forty-five
In fifty-four I woulda been nine
Lovin' my record player by
I'm doin' seventy-two in a sixty-five, 
On I-24 in a four-wheel drive
Got a ten o'clock on eighteenth avenue

And there's a thirty percent chance
Who is this at my do'?
It's the three pigs with a two-by-fo'
They must be lookin for John Doe
Well anyway, motherfucker here I go
So catch
Yo, everybody's goin retro, right?
And I was thinkin... if the 60's and 70's were now,
Isaac Hayes woulda have his own 900 number.

Keep everything on
Blaze always
Nigga this only nineteen thousand
(yo check this shit out)
I want my thousand dollars now
maximum amount of force, even if, worst comes to worst
'cause life's a bitch!

[Hook: Big V]

My total first, nineteen seventy-six
If I have understood correctly
Velocity equals the distance traveled
Divided by time
I've read every word ever printed
On quantum physics
About to get the bugs sprayed
Your style is played like nineteen-seventy-six eight tracks
Take it straight back
Be on the attack, nothin' but facts
Ladies and gentlemen of the class of nineteen ninety nine, wear sunscreen
If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it

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