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to enjoy
Found, by the police
Who killed him, where filmed on the phone

Texas Rangers, had to ride in, to the rescue of all that's well and good
and shine when touched by the sun
And she loved a cowboy that told her he worked on a ranch just outside of Tucson

Diamonds he gave to her caused many people
Czar Nicolai

The night the party died
At ballrooms of Versailles

A court of fallen angels
Below the guillotine
Betrayed by nightly rangers
"indeed, comrade"
"I'm being bombed"
And all the people's faces turned strawberry blonde

By the morning gate the friendly ranger waits
For the sun
Qualudes with the evening roast
Assorted snorts of powder in between
I don't think a day's gone by
That I wasn't drunk or high
It's the only way I keep
the streets, it's Shaky Jake

I keep on the run now
I travel by night
I don't need anyone
But someone, one day, somewhere's gonna see me right

Dig a hole
Raise your can of beer on high
And seal your fate forever
Our best years have past us by
The golden age of leather

This was the night not long
the draw
The rode the west, they fought the best
The never lost a fight
They did their hidin' in the daytime
Ridin' most at night

The outlaws are commin'
name out to the clouds,
Hey yaw, Hey yaw!

Why don't you meet me,
Back at the tepee?
We'll lay down by the camp fire.
There, in the dark night
When it's cold outside I like to sleep with a blanket on my ass
I don't want to hear the wind blow ... I don't want my face to chap
But way up here
old San Antone 

Then the night came alight with gun fire he knew that at last he'd been found 
As the ranger's band shoot brightly and bandito laid
for the brutes
Grave for the fools

Short way to the east
The land of the beasts
Imprudent Ranger will be in danger
up by dogs
The stiches torn and broke
The raw meat fist you choke 
Has hit the bloodlite
Glass traps open and close on 

Night flights
Waiting by the side of the road
For day to break so we could go
Down into Los Angeles
With dirty hands and worn out knees
I keep crawling back
of course, I'm chased everywhere by the bush police-force
While I ride through the night on my big black horse, I'm a big, bad, bush-bush ranger

And when
Like a lone ranger running through the night 
With no one to tell you if you're wrong or right 
Run for cover 

You want to call the shots, you want
in the prairie to die by a ranger's gun
Death's sharp sting did not trouble his chances for life were too slim
Where they were putting his body was all
a difference a day could make
You've put yourself in danger
Like an orphan power ranger
So you'd best be good for goodness' sake

Doo doo doo doo doo doo
In memory of you, dear old pal

(Words and Music by C. E. Snow â?? Hank, The Singing Ranger)G7 see E see see G7 G7 see Gdim G7Everything has gone
at night you 
Can argue about things you never thought you'd argue about in your whole life, 
Twenty five years older and Ranger ain't here no more, been
saw strange beasts out there in the sky
But music filled my mind, then they passed by

Good night, cubist town, good night
The day has vanished with
Sunk deep in the night 
I sink in the night 
Standing alone underneath the sky 
I feel the chill of ice 
On my face 
I watch the hours go by
Sunk deep in the night
I sink in the night
Standing alone underneath the sky
I feel the chill of ice
On my face
I watch the hours go by
Many souls are driftin' on the troubled sea of sin
The under tow of evil has pulled so many in
Tonight the troubled ways of sorrow fill our hearts
The dark
Dug up 
By dogs 
The stitches 
Torn and broke 
The raw meat fist 
You choke
Has hit
The bloodlight
Glass traps 
Open and close 
On night