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at my side

By water, by air, by fire, by earth

Oh purificator water, essence of life
Mirror of time, drown the lies

Earth, mother's man
A dream came to me at night
When the boats were in the sea
A dream of the black death of earth
Two voices came singing to me.

Wind, water,
the moon and stars are set
Whenever the wind is high
All night long through the dark and wet
The man goes riding by
Late in the night when the fires are out
what I've been searching for, my baby 

Earth wind, earth wind and fire 
Cannot take me, take me much higher 
Earth wind, earth wind and fire
Dreamin on... Oh everything about you..
You've got to know, the fire inside that you created. Started out slow burnin' for you baby...
I didn't
enemy comes forth
Loke, the son of FĂ„rbaute.. Father of
Born of earth, unbound by laws
Takk weeps no heavy tears
For the loss of the sun's handsome
Swear by the stars above
And late at night I pray to myself
That you and I got everything we need
I'd give it all for you and me

Love is the earth
whispered in her ear
Like soft Mediterranean wailin'
Sleepy woman by the window
Dreamin' in the morning air
Of the one who takes her sweetness
You are the dream I keep dreamin'
Each night when I drift off to sleep
Though it's only in dreams that I hold you
You are with me and I am complete.
The tide must rise the tide must rise
Its the law of earth and skies
The tide will rise, the tide will rise
Its as natural as day to night
As day
rumble of thunder

Rain beat against my face
Quench the thirst of mother earth
The wind in my hair
Behold the flash of the silver hammer

and to poison even the air
and he killed every beast
and taught the seas how to bleed
Burned by the fire we make,
what a shame
Then the winds gave in
of blood and fire gorging on the sacred feast
Bounty of the goddess offered by the avatar
White blood spills with the singing of the scimitar

I dropped my anchor in the dead of night 
I packed my suitcase and threw it away 
I fell asleep in the funeral fire 
I gave my clothes
a mighty mean bitch, some fire witch 
To set the night on fire 
And the Santa Ana wind's gonna have its way tonight 
Nothing you can do's gonna change her
In a time when dinosaurs walked the earth
When the land was swamp and caves were home
In an age when prize possession was fire
To search for
Winds caress, undress, invite
Upstairs by a China lamp
They softly talk in the cool spring night
of the elements earth, wind, water and fire
Death and destruction would spread
Blood of the guilty and the innocent may spill on earth nourishing the abyss
the silence of the night
I will feel you call my name
And shriven by the flame
You will rise again
Like the air
Like the sea
Like the earth
More than life
Sunlight, falling on your steel,
Death in life is your ideal,
Life is like a wheel, rolling on and on.

Through earth and water, fire and wind,
you came
Get the fire as the flame it burns
Get the wind as it slowly turns
Get the earth as it circles by
Get the sky sea creation fly

This point
Sit down by the fire
And I'll tell you a story
To send you away to your bed
Of the things you hear creeping
When everyone's sleeping
And you
with light in my eyes
The ravens circle around my tomb
As I dream the night
Frozen by ice winds
and the muddy
Through the thick and thin
The quiet nights, the howling wind

Through the good and the ugly
The blue and the black
To the ends of the Earth
the earth to see You

For all of this life
Your Spirit ignites
A heavenly fire
Untouched by the night
You opened our eyes
Turned death into life

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