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Work wit me
I want to thank y'all for coming out
This is sum reel' shit

First things first
When a nigga money
a working nigga 
And you heard that shit right there? 
I started that 
Don't make me put something up in ya Starter hat 
No matter who you are, or where
Jasmine Sullivan:
I know you'll run,
Ready to kill,
With a smoking gun,

Verse 2
Yo now she really stressed bad,
Baby by her step dad,
Her and lil
a cover on em and something holding me back
A better man better level better know I try

Yeah yo, Listen I done played with the snakes in
Tre's, nick's, dimes and twenties (I'm something else!)
The way I get it in with the honeys (I'm something else!)

Yo, you know I love
something jump off we gonna hold us down

Uh me n honey on the dance floor just flexing
Till the neck on my white T start stretching
[Chorus: Jasmine Sullivan (Jadakiss)]
You're the only one i love,
(uh huh)
The only man i know that i can trust,
And if I ever should need

If you love the money, then prepare to die for it
Niggas done started something
You can lay in the flames, or hug the sky for it
Niggas done
jerking niggas
And you neva wuz a thug you a workin nigga
And you herd that shit right there I started that
Don't make me put sumthin up in you're starter
is run by, could only be one guy
And that be who but 'Kiss, no security
The burner and some niggas that I grew up with
And the brand new 911, fuck
Pussy let me see something
Fake niggas screaming "Ryde or Die"
Same niggas we run up on and make 'em cry
Outta all the camps in this game, nigga
Surrounded by 6's and Hummers 
Bitches among us 
Try not to let this bullshit become us 
This started from hunger, tell it all when they sane
around, man
Jada, man
Old nigga, new nigga
Yo, yo, yo

Who really the best rapper since B.I.G. ain't here?
Y'all know
the fan, and that nigga be your man 
And get caught red hand with a half a pelican 
What do you do? Don't stall 
Spring him and buy more 
It's the code
This is the darkest shit, sparkest shit 
Hitting wit the hardest Shit, cause before we started shit 
Wit kids I knew my friends all turned
the fan, and that nigga be your man 
And get caught red hand with a half a pelican 
What do you do? Don't stall 
Spring him and buy more 
It's the code
and performin'
She say them square niggas borin'
Got a hood nigga started buyin' him jordans
Lou-loius, gucci, versace
Pretty soon he like, "look at what she
doper than the fluid cellur
I flip it all up by myself
I give my niggas recipes
So they can turn to something else
They love to work
That's why I
niggas, with no guns throwin Heinekens

By the time you hear this verse, I done staked you out
Me, V nailed and hearse, layin at your house
Catch me by the ? scope on me, fuck it I'm losing it

Uh, yeah, yo
I did it my way, lights off on the highway
Greek statues on both
Cause I got the juice, nigga I got the juice
She popping pussy like I'm a Baloo
Cause I got the juice

Counting million dollars gon' fuck something
with me when I started this
It's fucked up but I
But I can't let these niggas blurry my vision
On where I'm going and how I'm living, ya know?
I got
That's why I stay down with the ones that's been with me
The niggas who started and they down to ride to the end with me
Make sure the positive energy
and started stumbling
And I was trying to call my nigga but he couldn't hear me, so I guess I'm mumbling
Fall off into something, but I guess I'm on a mission
And by the time you read dis note, I done been spent yo' Visa.

I remember Beatrice, but niggas like me call her B,	 
'Cause she like to fuck