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the streets(streets streets)
21k for my niece (niece niece)
Now let's talk about myself
21k for my wrist(wrist wrist)
21k for my neck(neck neck)
21k I bought my
I wanna nieces
I wanna nieces
Coming down
I wanna nieces
I wanna nieces
Coming down
Your will fall
I wanna nieces
I wanna nieces
Coming down
I wanna
Des fois j'ai l'impression que j'ai plus d'amis
J'pense à ma mif' et ma nièce et je fais l'biff
Fuck le FN (?) racistes
(?) c'est pas facile
Put that pussy on him
That's a drive by
Let's go

Let's go niece
We spinning blocks
We spinning blocks
Fye fye fye fye fye

Pull up to his house
you look pass the sky Im on neptune
I'm gettin' my money up nigga
Doin' this shit for my nieces and nephews
In blind sight I took a lot of losses
But I
Figuring it out
Got this down to a science, you feel me
No man that I fear
No man that I fear
Got a niece she need me here
Better make that work
Up, up
Run it upp, upp
Not gonna lie it's 10:17 am right now
And I got a candle lit

I'm thanking G.O.D
For my nephew and my nieces
While I'm on my
Don't tell me bout bitches, I'm all about riches
Getting the bag put a smile on my nieces
Fuck all my exes they fumbled the bag
I wonder who's next
back with Kylee
She was my baby niece passed when I was seventeen
And it's crazy what her death did to our family
You changed up everything like
and my lil' bro had the Beamer truck
My niece's get good grades I take em shopping for outfits and tell 'em to keep it up
Then I hit the backstreet
the squad, nigga shots fired
Thugger daughter motherfuckin' tired (My niece)
Baby bottles, ain't no babies cryin' (Drank)
Hit 'em if he cross the gun line
nieces and your moms and your girl
(If you grind hard enough)
You can stand on top and tell these hatin' ass niggas it's the world

I'm on deck, on point,
Looking at my nieces, broke me down to pieces
Crying at the hospital, askin' "Why you leave us"

Looking at my nephew and he think his daddy
I just wanna flood my wrist
I just rather stack my chips
Any shot you don't take is a miss
Diamonds in the reign
Fuck a mall, take my nieces to Nice
creation going take me and make me 
I want time 
To see that my nieces and nephews all reach they potential 
I want time 
To change up my mother's address
Now listen nieces
This song here is for my BBW nieces
My nieces that got a little
Stomach in the front
One two three four five of them
But you proud
I ain't did nothing but rise the people
Live through my mother, inspire my niece
I'm tryna' hold up a fire to evil
Devil got infinite lies...
I ain't
Look at me
God made me to win
I am clean
He forgave me my sins
I got twin nieces
And my cousins are twins
But the reason I'm living
Is I know twins
I just talked to my sister
My nieces good but shit fucked up
And my grandpa gone and I miss em
And my grandma ain’t lucked up
Cuz them lotto tickets
Where sugar daddies at
Where they at
Where they at
Where they at
Let go hey

Now nieces
It's time for us
To take over the summer
We taking iver
Forget we
Ham Shop Fam
And we litty in this bitty like yow
Auntie Hammy in this thang
And I'm a tell you
What you got down there niece

That's that supper
From his dogs to his moms to his niece to his sis
I been balling all night, I dont need the assist
Got Henny by the plenty might need me a sip, Yea
an idol out of me until its sound

My nieces and my nephew all still like when I'm around

But they don't really know me well, do I let them find out

I told my sister to take care of my niece (Take care of my niece)
I’ll be up soon jus keep praying for me (Pray for me)

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