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[Verse 1 - Andre Nickatina]
Picture a blind man that can't see
Meaning the beauty he's supposed to see
God it can't be
I thizz alone like a snake,
beat that bitch up when I found out she lyin
Who she think I am? Saving Private Ryan?

Andre Nickatina--
I make the town move just by walkin on your
they're still staring in my grill like dentures
I fuck with Brotha Lynch's and Andre Nickatina's
Tote forties, four-fours, tens, and even Nina's
I be
to the den Andre Nickatina all in A NIGGA MAKING DIKES WANT DICKS AGAIN :)The ace of spades, shit can get colder than a glacier But sweeter than them licorice
like king tut when he's over
Wrap him like a mummy, surrounded by his money,
Lifestyle real chewy and real gummy,
Local drugdealers would say nicky I
Verse 1: Andre Nickatina

The homie said, now we can chalk em like rocky if ya cocky when you knock me
Do it till we slap you or atleast until you
established, lean back
Trip off how they react
Nicky for strictly
Just for the sticky like the tree sap
Trixie got them
I let the beat blast time is money
push, Imma refund mine
See suckas, lay 'em down with our machine gun rhymes.


You might see me at my shows in my Nicky Rose clothes

(andre nickatina)
Put the phone on ya but it's the booty call
And I'm comin' ta bust nuts on all ya'll
And I'm out
Oh God
Andre Nickatina & Equipto

It's two for the money
I'm through with the funny actin hoes
They sharin each other clothes
The game run
blend with the night

They call me greedy
Plead my sins to get a gurl a beaty
It's andre nickatina
I'm like a genie in a beanie
Amarato 88 cadillac,
Throw a sugar rock out even Ray can out box me 
I want to drink till my breath smells 
Bringin Motown back without Andre Harell 

Chorus: repeat 4x