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or steal a kiss
As I flit from shop window to window
I'm trying to pick up a friendly bargin
But its not like the adverts all make out
And there's no one
or steal a kiss

As I flit from shop window to window
I'm trying to pick up a friendly bargain
But it's not like the adverts all make out
And there's no
Just trying to be advert man
You don't have to dream to get there
But it's harder than it seems to get there
Everyone needs something to aim for

Being a boy's like sucking on a lemon
And I judge myself by the adverts I see
My deodorant hides the real me
These things elevate me above animals
That is muted and soft down on Beacon Street
Then a bar or two of classical music
Will waft through the air
Newspaper adverts will usher
Never saw a meaningful TV advert
I don't think shopping
Is a metaphor for life

Don't waste my time at the gym
In the morning
Try to keep trim
Monocular vision, gangrene and slime
Unction, sarcasm, common assault
Self-satisfied heroic killers
Lifted on high

Piracy adverts, acid attacks
Are really only ancient history.
Everyday goes by without a hitch,
You say the urge becomes an itch.
You say that I`m no go for you, that`s rich,
hounded by these images designed to turn me on what
Planet do the people in the adverts all live on? Now I'm tired, now I'm
Lonely all I needs a little
hear you!
By any means necessary!
And you call that revolution!

They consume our lives like it's and advert on tv!
They sell us a future that we
mixed up
We take a fool for a king
All mixed up
Mistake a fool for a king
The washing powder advert
That everybody hates
But all
Hands like hams
Knees like trees
200 lbs
Of surfboard Hercules 

Mr. atlas won't you bring her on back to me
I lost my girl down by the beach
tell by the smell of the hamburger stand in the rain

She spoke of astrology while muttering apologies
For coffee that tasted of hot dogs
I said,
of [C]our great dem[G]ise

There's a [C]changing pattern before us
And the past tells the story quite [G]well
By the [D]time we make it
Brighten up you home, it said in the advert
All your decorating done by an expert
How the hell was I to know he's such a dirty sod
I wanted subtle
By the twisted grace of the law of supply and demand
Well, there’s no use crying and no use sighing over
Stone, wood, wire, glass and cement
Another adolescent suicide - 'cause you don't look the part
Killed by the glossy magazines that brainwashed you from the start
Photos of models in
A lovely colour console T.V.
To watch and cherish as the days slip by,
And dream of the things that money can buy .

Brushed chrome shit, plastic crap,
there's an advert real people pickled to the bone by the vultures of culture, 
golf, hold on to yourself, 
so hang on,
Hang on to yourself,
Come on,
Protection gets in your way
But I don't want this disease, so...

So what do ya do
Go out and get fucked by 10 different men then go and brag to your
To blow up insecurities, pretend we have the answer
Had to make my own mistakes to see the fakeness in the adverts
Had to live that life before