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Year's Eve 
Tonight in the city 
They're tearing the chandeliers down 
Boys and girls 
All dressed up pretty 
The bartenders buying the round 

you swore you'd never leave
The one you kissed on New Year's Eve
The sweetest dream you had last night
Your darkest hour, your hardest fight

Christmas and an Undead new year!!!!
Fuck yeah!!!

It's Christmas in Hollywood
Santa's back up in the hood
So meet me under the mistletoe lets fuck
year, huh?
My nigga Gutter, be	 Gizzy, Ashanti, what up baby girl?
C. Gotti what up? My nigga Phanter
My Leg Rock family, Jeff Don. All my Hollywood
The ones that stood by me like soldiers
You were there

I know you love me

But I'm still waiting for the Lord to come hug me
Send a sign or somethin'
Two thousand fattened years like maniacs
Have despoiled our common grave
Now what necrophagous Second Coming backs
From the cradle to enslave?
Twenty-six years end, still speaking in these tongues 
Such revelations while understood by no one 
When the new actor stole the show, who questioned his
Now why this man's soul was bleeding 
The angel had to understand 
So invisible, he stood by him 
And then gently touched his hand 

the stars since New Years Eve
Nothing was given to me
I had to go upside heads just to get upside hills
Never over the hill though, so I never strike when

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