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On down by Avalon
Avalon of the heart
On down by Avalon
Gonna make a brand new start

Oh the Holy Grail
Baby behind the sun
Oh the Holy Grail
and rhyme
In haunts of ancient peace.
The holy grail we seek
On down by haunts of ancient peace.
We see the new Jerusalem
In haunts of ancient peace.
Wrong track, wrong line
First train to run on time
Bad blood, bad news
Long rope, got nothing to lose
Mad bull seeing red
Coming at me, happy
to find the holy grail
And the guardians of time will stand by
And praise your tale

The time to begin
The battle to win
Before the night obscures
Normalicy in threat evermore
Taken apart within the mental core
By ones who walk the wounded land
Uncanny destiny so damned
Mortal eccentricity
fashioned by the Deil's ane hand

No it has been foretold, in our legends of old
Wake the spirit within, let the journey begin

This quest you speak of is for
sisterhoods prayers
Her singing touched Angels and melted their hearts
her choirs inspired the search
For the lost holy grail, the Benedict arts
to find the Holy Grail
Right there
And if Mars is the farthest that man has set his target
Then I don't know why I even started
I'm sick of being too nice
and the privilege mine all mine
Candid camera on every bloody wall
All the cameras under heaven couldn't catch 'em all
Fill those pockets and lift that grail
Lead me
(birds chirping)
(water drop and evil laughing)
As I submit the new world grows in
Six, I cover myself with lamb skin
Black family, fine
How I'm back Jack, listen, what the hell niggas?
This the new God flow, the Holy Grail niggas
Can't see me, Book of Eli, it's in Braille niggas
No new hierarchy, female or male
No Santa, Elvis or Holy Grail

Shop-soiled and clueless, too indebted to inspect
What both feeds and defets you--no
the planes, the creature is unmoved

By the commotion and the noise, and the blinding fork
Of lightening which strikes only a few yards from where
Lays it
of plastic, made out of pigs.
Why bother to shower, there is no power, it was all built empty?
I could have been a lot bigger by now, but I've loved being

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