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never be blue
They could never be blue

Listen up Old Red
You never listened to a word the doctor said
He told you if you drank another you'd be dead

I walked across the bridge to the island
And sat down in the grass by the old homestead
I listened to the song of the cicadas
And thought about
Days bathed in red
I saw her standing
By the riverbed
Weeping willow

I should have been more careful
Waxing hope in cruelest April
I thought
Protecting by you
I'll never let you down
You can wear my crown
I'll be true to love you girl
I'll never tell no lie
'Cause I don't want to see those
Eats but one in every ten
Leaves the others on the mat

And the mouse police never sleeps
Waiting by the cellar door
Window-box town crier
kids were jealous
They say that the look off in my eyes seemed hellish
Never knowin later on in life, I would relish
The thought of me ballin, Livin my
Headed north on a one way trip
I never thought I'd be back this way
I never thought I'd be missin' you
Enough to suffer for a whole night through
Red and gold are royal colors
Peasant colours are green and brown
Green is the corn in the brown earth when it's growing
Red and gold when
Year by year
Month by month
Day by day
Thought by thought

Steer your way, o my heart
Tho’ I have no right to ask
To the one who was never
has never scared me off
So I burned a path to figure out
How to get me some of what you got 

I've got a red hot heart
If the talk is true yours is
Burn the edges of your thoughts
Feel the air beneath
Burn the edges of your thoughts
Feel the air beneath
Witness the cosmic dance from a red view
Born in Louisiana in a town called Franklin
I was fully matured by the time I reached the age of ten
A mulatto girl is what they called me
And us
By Gods hand
I can smell you
And my thought disappeared

Dead, dead, dead I make you dead
Dead, dead, dead stained from blood so red
Dead, dead,
stained from blood so red 

Wasting away 
By God’s hand 
I can smell you 
And my thought disappeared 

Dead, dead, dead I make you dead 
convinced that you're the one
Cause you never flinch under the gun
Lovers kneel by the roadside in pools of broken glass
Gator tails fly like black angels
And never do what you say
Look, my eyes are just holograms
Look, your love has drawn red from my hands
In my hands you know you'll never be
More than twist in
I had a hundred different reasons
To keep me falling away
I had a red sky behind me
With the stars coming into view
And the thought that kept
Still you dream of running free

You're locked in a Red Horizon
Living fearful of the bear

All this time
You thought you had it made,
known by now
I'm still not afraid
I do it to myself
Knows what I never say
You're a car crash
And I can't look away

All I see is shattered glass and
We always wear a great big smile we never do look sour
Travel all over the country playing by the hour
Take me back to Tulsa,
Take me back to Tulsa,
He never played it clean.
Then he was blinded by passion,
Playing a game of fools.

Thought she was lucky,
Thought she was his best bet,
You look so cute, cute, cute, cute
Little red caboose behind the train

Speeding by so fast, fast, fast, fast
Always the last, last, last, last
I never thought I'd seen you again
Where have you been until now?
Well how are you? how have you been?
It's a long time since we last met
never lose
Sleeping on benches covered by the daily news

People who pass them by just turn their heads
Making them feel like they've been left for dead
I thought I was swinging the world by the tail 
I thought I could never be blue 
I thought I'd been kissed and I thought I'd been loved 
But that