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surely spark a faint
light to the last
while nestling close to
each other in the deep gloom
while floating on the lake of
fog until the break of dawn

Children of the heav?nly Father
Safely in His bosom gather
Nestling bird nor star in Heaven
Such a refuge e?er was given

God, His own doth tend
we keep will be the best thing
In our wildest dream
In our wildest dream

They all play with the fools
I'm nestling up to you
Nothing much to do
I'm here instead
Talking with you
Oh lord, what you do to me
Sitting by the fire
Making my heart lighter
Nestling the palm of your hand
Marvel a new
the edge of the cliffs.
Licking at the nestling's of young fledglings and moaning with a sound akin to the worst of...

Nights such as these have become more
Can ye no hush yer weeping, a' the wee bairns are sleeping
Birdies are nestling, nestling together, dream Angus is hurtling o'er the heather
take it too

Escaping with the nestlings of my heart  to swim through the ice
	Across The Ohio's frozen bridge of hopes
	The the sky that held
Nestling in the pine trees in the mountains
Down along the road I love it still
There I know my dear old mother's waiting
Waiting and I know she
land that bears the name of Xanadu 
First without hope was our love
Then I saw it was lost from the start
It was the jewel that was nestling in
an empty term
But I found heaven
Nestling in your arms
And now you're gone

[Chorus: x2]
the ones she loves She glides through Back to her lair  She's built a nest A place of rest And where she'll breed Nestlings to feed See, see what the eagle
virgin hands
Nestling on a bed of
Pearl encrusted clams
Well the waiter's name was Renee and
He told me how his aunt
Who had 47 children
And how they'd
cheeks of joy pass the clouds by.
Infinity shines on two of us nestling close.
Winter eyes bare the sleeping mind.
Red mark on the wrist I wet with my
you up, eat you up, eat you up
Like a nestling crunch, waffle cup
Rip out your spine then ground it up
Sprinkle it on top, top it with hemoglobin
A couple's sitting in the park on this lovely day 
And I'm glad 'cause I'd have wasted it with you
They're having fun just nestling in sun
And so I'm
""can't tell where my body ends and yours starts"" kinda way...
Nestling one palm to cup both your cheek and neck
No worries goes anywhere my limbs travel
Things take time to grow
Let the ground make room
But when the garden grows
All the world's in bloom

See the little sprout
Nestling in earth's womb
been grooming
And, ahh, cause I'm a storm ready to break
The earth patiently waiting for the quake
Under the pressure of you
And, ahh, I'm a nestling
In the wind 
We will be in the wind 
We will be 
The lash it flew across deserts 
Atop rainy wet horses 
Nestling upon snow 
Encapsulated by the soil
I'm glad to have a dad 'n' mom
I think, cogito ergo sum
Now the nestling rising high as fuck
Tough life, evrybody has
No need for blamin mom 'n' dad
reckless, or I might snatch ya necklace
You's a bird, matter fact you's a nestling 
I got the game pinned as if I was wrestling 

Got a bad bitch, cocoa skin,
Like a lie
They cut through time
They're nestling
They're parasites of mine
Will you come cry
Over the body of mine
In clementine
Our hearts lay
the middle of night
Cause your avoiding the light, when the truth hurts your eyes
And there's an air of uncompatibility
Nestling inside of me, forever seems
of the void the oblivion cries
But nothing remains

It's not like the cause was a means to an end
So don't be afraid

You were alone when I came back
A nestling

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