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an acquired taste 
Deeply hated or highly praised 
Cast away your prejudice
Think of all the wealth you miss
Love and hate are neighbouring emo- tions
and the Pretoria.

These ships were bound for a neighbouring island
These ships were bound for a neighbouring island
With the mothers and children on board.

Sending the past up with the leaves
Watching all the clothes on the line
In a sidestepping dance
With the neighbouring trees

Lala lala-la
Lala lala-la
a roll on the drums

No one mentions the neighbouring war
No one knows what their fighting is for
We are tired of the tune, "you must not relent"
the air was full of freshness
All the earth was bright and joyous
And before him through the sunshine

Westward toward the neighbouring forest
Passed in
he says, in his time
And whenever he joins his friends at their club
(Which takes place at the back of the neighbouring pub)

He loves to regale
his time
And whenever he joins his friends at their club
(Which takes place at the back of the neighbouring pub)
He loves to regale them, if someone
A cat in a bag meets the undertow

Make to the fields that are neighbouring your town,
Take all that you can carry.
Play with the fire and let
the line she fell into a heavy world

Heavy woman
Heavy woman
When she leans down
You can feel it in a neighbouring town
Then the scientists might
and neighbouring planets
Nesting in negatives pollinating pulses
A red room where the reading of me is deemed repulsive
Feels like a casket's where I lived
To soften the languishing mind,
And Phillis unlocks her charms
Ah Phillis! Ah! Why so kind?

Phillis, the soul of love,
The joy of the neighbouring
The air-conditioned silence
Of a Tokyo hotel room
Three decades ago
Punctuated only by flushing
And guests in neighbouring rooms
Coughing, lovemaking
the aches replace the fever
Broken yoke, it's over easy
As it spills to left
Neighbouring country gave us a hand
But left with a fracture
They were at loss
down the neighbouring streets
Thinking of some things to say before we sleep

But I don't see where I went wrong
So will you leave the door unlocked
country promotes the hate speech towards the neighbouring country
So why I don't do it to the world?
Cuz I love to be in the next level
Pills? I better have
Chaos born from courage of the youth 
Foundation for an opera of pestilence 
Harvested from a desire to mirror
The scenes of neighbouring lands
In the name of our neighbouring Isle
Did he fight night and day, or just look away?
I don't know, because I've never been told
And I can't ask my Dad,
Neighbouring island civilizations next to be freed
Bishops of doom and their dogs of war
Hearts of pure malice, longing to be waded in gore
It's been a long hot summer
Hasn't rained since May
And it's getting hotter
Now and everyday
We've been neighbouring cities
For far too long
So open
Tales of death and conspiracy echoed across the sea
Neighbouring radio chatter startled her nerves
Half-sentences and fragmented phrases cut through
the Sergeant feared for 'is skin,
And the lads all cleared int' t' neighbouring field,
And started to dig 'emselves in.

""Ooh, Sergeant! I hear a scraping
father owns
Many acres around here ... which are farmed by peasants ... whom he
Rules with an iron hand .. the neighbouring landlord's even worse
One more ride before they take it down and drive to a neighbouring town sixteen miles away they'll turn off the lights on all the rides sell off
of scintillating dinners
With neighbouring kings.
There's a castle in the country
For weekends of rest
And we entertain at parties
In the little time remaining

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