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You've been singing, negatively miss
Down in the bedroom minding my business
He hand balls like and honest kid
If freedom was a curse
man you should plan to, 
Am I looking at shxt negatively, 
Crib death mom ain't got shxt left,
How the fxck is shxt fair out here,
Homeless family
Protons, electrons, neutrons, Protons charge is positive
By now you've guessed electrons are probably negatively charged
Neutrons don't follow
why'all was, wish why'all was here


Yo what the deally P? Iraq, can buy out Q.B.
And you know we smash the industry, negatively
easy, dragon fly with the reezy
Bat an eye at the pastor then catapult to the precint
Naturally check the balance and negatively decreasing
No ration
that fiends his dreams
They want to critique me negatively but who really cares
This air and land we share, there's no need to compare
Find peace within
of maze got them questioning my faith

My visions strange when they negatively name me
I see Lord, does that make me crazy?
Suicidal tweets, can you
all dead. we're all dead
Negatively. last breath, ill curse
Great deceiver. no end, in sight
Contradiction. drives me insane
Please indulge me. pray
polyurethane compound 
Spread in a micro-thin substance over 
A negatively charged layer of aluminum,
Copper, iron, lead, 
V-H-S, F-Y-I, apple pie, F-B-I,
>From the public and hide the shame from the fatherÆs eyes
They always knew that things would turn negatively
And precautions were secretly taken by
And I hope you're the next that's killed
How can I show you kindness when you're spineless 
I only respect the ill
I think negatively, I'm a regular
Do you talk about people you don't know? 
And speak negatively? 
It must be exhausting for you! 
Poor you with your apartment and 
Your Levi's
carefully stand still
Advice is always genius negatively it's all you do
This is a mixture of clouded out takes
With you burned this bases on what you said

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