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never live to see the error of their ways

One foot in the grave
Ruled by the drugs they crave
It all began as a need for kicks
Now they'd sell their
gone on a bad trip
Followed by a needle and a silver spoon
Mama sat and cried and papa told us lies
Said she'd be back real soon

Suddenly the seasons
in the ghetto
No one seems to hear your cry

Brown skin, you know I love my brown skin
Every day, I'm confronted with racism
These motherfuckin'
regardless, my guess
They die for freedom, and they dyin' for martyrs, they blessed
But some share needles in the pissy apartments, obsessed
By thoughts
I can't see that, where them niggaz be at? 
 Where they hang at? Where they live at? Where they slang at? 
 (Aiyyo Son one is a known cat, he walk
You know, this is James Brown
I'm such a lover of people
Because people did so much for me
I'm a lover of all humanity, all of man kind
And i
and now he ain?t nowhere to be seen

Break it down!
Woodstock got eaten by the cat who lives next door
Snoopy got neutered and now he ain?t Joe Cool no more
killing nothing will ever stop me from fucking murdering upheaving these human stockpiles of brown sediment extremely aroused by the sight of fucking pain
to see my silhouette acquire a permanent kink in a posture 
The metenance of icicle spirit by the warmth of true endearment
Was, is, and forever will be
to hold it, I'm just holding it down
Protect my neck and my crown, patrol throughout the town
And they judging because my skin color is brown
And for
True, I'm blue, the smith can't stick to doo-doo
Yo Chino we needle we brown with the King Crown
Rockin underground bound, and pullin girls
And now Ladies & Gentlemen, Lupe Fiasco

Filet mignon with my food stamps
Car cosigned by my mama
Medical card from Obama
Background check for
me white and then try to hate
When I wasn't white enough to use your pool when I was 8
Stone Mountain you raised me well
I'm stared at by Confederates
And things could get more ugly than Coolio when his hair frizzin
My mind's a Warfield like Marsha or Justin
Psychosis be exploding by spontaneous