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1st  I came to it
2nd  I saw through
3rd conquered this here hip hop music

1st  I came to it
2nd  I saw through
3rd  conquered this here hip hop
с главният прокурор си пия кафето
с президента обядвам
с министър-прецедателя
Nd'yacela nd'nik' intliziyo yakho
Nab' ubomi bakho
Noba nd'ngena lutho
Nd'yacela nd'nik' intliziyo yakho
Nab' ubomi bakho
No i’m not stella i’m back to my groove
Paid and you know that’s the mood
N****s be mad it ain’t shit you can do
Go get that bag, nd just worry bout
le let's go!!
Come on ya, Come on ya
Say 2・N・D (2・N・D)
Say 2・N・D (2・N・D)
Say YEAH YO (YEAH YO)!!!!!!!!!!
S"lus Herb Verse
Let me think b"ck to th"t "tmosphere tr"ck
When I t"lked sm"ck didn't know how to "ct
R"n the r"ce tr"ck "nd strived to che"p l"ughs
If dem ah look for me tell dem me top side 
Drippin like its rainy nd we outside 
Rollin up ah spliff wen we outside 
Nd we got de drinks wen we
Nd I find myself
Nd I grind myself
Nd I find myself
Nd I grind myself
Nd I find myself
Nd I aye
Nd I never looked harder
I told you that you were
Give you all
It wasn’t enough
Nd when you fall under pressure diamond in the rough
Nd when I’m calling wonder why you never picking up
I lift you up
Nigga we was downbad fo a minute yea
Told my bruvas when I get it Dey goin get it yea
Run up a check Nd get da bag we goin split it yea
Bottom from
much despised, replaced by comfortable lies.
Teenage classic, more cliche, one step further on the edge of decay.

White trash, 2nd generation, white
bitch now she crazy
She coo coo for dick
Nd im rude rude bitch
My car go vroom vroom bitxh
She suck me up just like tht thing go ooom ooom bitch

папа на рэйве, папа на рэйве
Папа уходит на рэйв, папа идёт на рэйв 

Папа уходит на рэйв, папа уходит наверх 

 Пати на лавочке, под
Swear to god when I make it out my city ima show love to all my partners
Nd I know that I'm going make it I got patience but nigga I ain't no doctor

I doubt you even live here still
But it quickens up the pace of my heartbeat
When I find myself by accident
On 22nd Street

All the years,
away but You saved the day
And You gave me a 2nd chance
It's been so long since I've been home
I was wrong but You gave a 2nd chance

I strayed away but
She came from money
He called her honey
Her family makes wine
He's robbing her blind
When I see her and you on 2nd Avenue
Well, it makes me want
Mean looks will never have me shook, take a 2nd look
I read **** just like comic books, get this understood
Mean looks will never have me shook, take
Nd' umugabo
Ndi kwandika amateka mubitabo
Bavuga ubugambo ngo nd' umurara
Nd' umukapo
Izi verse s'izubuntu, rekera shakira k'umasoko
Ni kumasoko
Isenziwa emazulwini

Ndineengxakangxaka zomzi
Ever since nd'fik eGoli
Lost my girl kodwa andiz'soli
Rhaa kumnandi apha eJozi

When I picked up the metronome
I'm against domestic violence
But I'll hit a beat woah
Speaking thoughts into existence
Is 2nd to none
wey here get e place for this earth 
Ery body different 
Nd if u call ur self a winner den u make a difference 
Nd call ur self a loser den u make
crying I can give her a shoulder 

Nd I'm a stop da lyin I promise baby I told you 
Jehovah is my witness imma change when I'm sober 

You said you want ya
I fought by myself I had nobody around when I was fallin' deep into dat pool pit
I stood on ten up it at you Nd yo mans nii they runnin' when I let

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