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This rap brought to you by Morgan Reman
He’s reman freeman!
And Team TNS! (Team No Sleep)
Morgan Freeman
My face be beemin'
I narrate everything
I might hire a guys to stay and Narrate it
Leave ya on read, I can't show no Engagement 
Getting to the bread, gotta Panera Order waiting 
And when
really translate
Uh' Huh
What said ta' await
Yea' Okay
Listen for updates n' debates

You'd love ta' see who narrates
Haha... Yea'
You'd love ta' see
Young nigga narrate stories I'm different
How you tell niggas pull up where you isn't
No time to fuck with you I run a business
Took so much L's
old school we don't narrate all our moves
Freeze I don't even know where the railroad goes
Gotta trust the process
Breathe It's ok to let go what does
these days
Lets change the way we narrate and debate
How we living with our eyes closed
Sleep walking different time zones
Social media a blind fold
the night, story time
Let our bodies narrate
Pen and paper, you and me
Watch it fill up the page, yeah
Let our bodies narrate
And watch it fill up the page,
timore possa prender 
Possesso del tuo animo
Sia ogni fendente un vanto 
Possano le tue gesta venir narrate 
Di bocca in bocca
Di padre in figlio

phone calls to documentary screenings
Produced in French without a choice
But you can read subtitles like a pro
Narrate my life just like a foreign movie
E una storia, se udire vorrete,
Quali amanti noi siamo saprete.

Sì, sì, bravi: narrate, narrate:
Con piacere l'udremo

and the family fine

I don't talk, rather let the money narrate
Former broke boy finna make the bank break
I was hurting but the bands worth the band-aids
And when I let that ting blow
I ain't even blink
I narrate, but they really quick to shoot a scene
I seen shit I shouldn't have seen that was obscene
I saw
The Shadow man, narrates my fears
Narcolepsy, haunting, nears

Death, stuck in my head
Restless, my eyes bleed	
Over me, empty screams

Silence, isn't kind
The Shadow man, narrates my fears
Narcolepsy, haunting, nears

Death, stuck in my head
Restless, my eyes bleed	
Over me, empty screams

Silence, isn't kind
Can't you see what lays inside babe
Making mentions on this tension
Rhythmic loving, my profession
Hips, they gyrate, scripts I narrate
to my desolate realm
where i shall narrate my tale of woe
my creed my unseemliness

the northern light above the murky skies
enchaning me it's so
down, turn them round

All these judgements, so incisive
Voices left to their devices
This moments narrate is a desperate plea
For slack to be cut to me
Dre's on concerto while I narrate
Yeah, you be on the straight and narrow like a fuckin' arrow shape
I be on a higher plane in aerospace
With so much
void in the Animal Kingdom
I'll read some new verses.  I'm not gonna sing them

So kindly shut up and I'll narrate for you
''Carnival of the Animals part
narrate your own heart-tale
You thread souls into one beam
The love you gave and have been given
Weave into your own dream
I trust myself to re-archive
decides to narrate in order to create that feeling
Remember it is always now
The first law of thermodynamics states that energy is conserved
In other
here getting it in every way
Wait, where the marinate' please do not interrogate
It's a movie everywhere I go, no need narrate
Fans by my barricade,
When the work clean, cut it like it's carrot cake
D-boys love the way I narrate
I still whip it like it's Anna Mae
Remember Momma had a Cavalier
a little less negative when you narrate
That would be, that'd be nice
Wow, okay, um
It's Christmas, you know? We need Christmas cheer (right)

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