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Endless, Nameless (The Wildhearts) · Nameless Disease (Old Dead Tree) · Endless, Nameless [Japan Bonus Track] (The Wildhearts) · To the Nameless Dead (Primordial) · To the Nameless Dead [Bonus CD] (Primordial) · Nameless Love (Robaer) · Endless, Nameless (The Wildhearts) · Nameless World (Kobukuro)

Time why so cruel is the
Have you sympathy upon these broken souls
So lost
Wait for time can't heal these wounds
The forgotten nameless strewn across
formless blameless nameless

Stray syllables were gurgling
From her throat one at a time
Face hidden from my view
I let myself imagine she was you
speak the language
No we're not nameless, we're not faceless
We were born for greatness

(Oh, oh oh) somebody sound the alarm
(Oh, oh oh) a fire was
And I love you, and I love you 
`Cos you`re my nameless wildness 

You`re like a precious book, 
a stolen golden look 
I wouldn`t lie 

So keep
the living dead of the night

Hold on to me baby
His bony hands will do you no harm
It say in the cards we lost our soul to the nameless one

Wake up my
and sodden we kiss the ground
Below the nameless tears of trees
Weeping in their forgotten willows
The eyes that cry like wishing wells

These are
Trying to find my way clear
Let the room fill with steam
Trace pictures on the mirror

Ghosts and clouds
And nameless things
Squint your eyes
A toast for our sins
Our instincts drags us deeper
Throwing us to the wolves
The nameless were all buried long ago

We are not anonymous
The faceless
A toast for our sins
Our instincts drags us deeper
Throwing us to the wolves
The nameless were all buried long ago

We are not anonymous
Faintest snow keep falling
Hands around your waist
Standing cold
Take in restaint like a breath
My lungs are so numb from holding back
scream in through my soul

I see the nameless
I feel the soulless

Embraced by desolation

Can't take no more desolation
Self-murder, revelation
The darkest of hearts they cease to bleed

(And) Never deny for the self to lead
You'll find in this a lonely home
No tear consoled
To wander on a nameless
Leaders breathing hell 
Cities burn the day you die now 

Suicide Terrorist living sacrifice 
Nameless icon within blood baptized 
For the victory
the blood in your veins
Is as lifeless as yesterday's rain
It's a game where we come and conceal
The confusion we feel
As long as we're nameless
The girl with the nameless face
On the edge of reality where she overpowers me
With fears that I can't explain
She drove me to the point of madness
could get that nameless dude to feed him some leftover food
He'd take the crumbs now as they'd fall, if they would fall (Fall)

Lifestyles of the rich
the deals, downloaded.
Succession strains.
Denied, your words shattered.
I'll breath the free air, and remain nameless.
Of what you 
Have left me 
To live in 
This mess you've made 

I feel 

The ride is over I've come down 
Hate to be
And into the heat

Out of the rat race
Into the lagoon
Out of the Stone Age
And onto the moon
Out of the nameless
Onto the front page
No cypress shades the grave
But gentle violets weep with dew
Weave on war-torn bones
Buried nameless in eternal sands

Sound no trumpet of mourn
Fantasmes detraques de vice
Dissect, dissect, I desecrate illusions
Dissect, dissect, purity of perversion
A nameless terror feeds all my needs
over you
Euthanasia can rise
Time told by the sun
Submit to leather menace
And turning of sands are done
Bury it in a nameless grave

Heavens die!
my own claim
Obsessive resentment no one else to blame
Pretty soon will drift
Self inflict
Nameless scapegoats suffer for my failure
Faceless victim
future, had no past
A nameless face in somebody else's show
Riding the rodeo
He's a rodeo rider, sole survivor
Got to prove that he's the best

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