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and really think dey wildin'

I rep that L O you I S I A N A da state
Where dey holla ay bay bay and keep a clip off in [Incomprehensible]
And these rappers,
[Lil' Gotti]
Now why dey want to see me dead niggas put prices on my head
Now I got two Rottwielers by my bed

Niggas afraid to see a Gambino
a window-hole
A hunnit yards away
Is all dey ever gets t'know
'bouts de reg'luh life in de day

An' it stink so bad, de stones been chokin'
'n weepin' greenish
I rep that L O U I S I A N A da state
Where dey holla ay bay bay and keep a clip off in dey safe
And these rappers, they actin' like faggots
I feel
Street, Hillside type
(This is what we do, all day like this nigga!)
Mobb shit now!
(Get this shit crackin' den nigga!)
It's a drought on
(Fuck now!)
fuckin streets 
Go by da name of Plies have you heard of me?

[Verse 1:]
Kept it muthafuckin gutta from day one
Right now homie the streets I run 
How am
or I'll die

Sun shine hot an' burnin'
Wer'n't no breeze a-tall
Sweat ran down like water down a hill
Dat day John Henry let his hammer fall
Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, Let's Go

Ha ha ha ha ha oh
N dey say oh oh oh
Ha ha ha ha ha oh
N dey say oh oh oh

Hold up
drugs will make you do terrible things
He told me when he get out he's murdering by any means
The day came I saw him on the train
He pulled his gun
forget yahh 
Wen I'm gone I'm still wit yahh
I love comin by you're house n seein all ma posta pictures
Dey make me feel so special wen da world all on my
aimed at ya
Your facin danger, 16 with one up in the chamber
I'm bout to stain ya, with this muthafuckin handgun

And fuck dem laws, dey got my brother
Hoes everywhere black foreign and Asian
I'ma playa by da day, yeah, hustle by da night
Yeah, I roll wit da crew who hadn't eva been light

Yeah, see 'em
goes by today
Will I be shy to say
That I bow down and pray to Almighty, 
Makin' sure everything is alrighty, 
When the day come we killuminati, 
butt naked boo 
It may seem, like I don't even reckon you 
But I day dream, about kissin' on the neck of you 
Style is impeccable, smile is incredible
'cept get catched by dis' lil' stinker over heahhh!

'membuh, we's on broadway! muthafucker be buyin' dem tickets wants a lil' heart, a lil' soul...'n
the ghetto hall of fame
It's third and long, got a lot of yards to gain
I'm federal, youse a misdemeanor, you small change

It's that, S W A N G affiliate
And by the way now what's your name, they call me Layzie the Kid.

The name's Powder Pete, can I get a twelve gauge!
Outlaw every day, on the front
If You Come Down To This Dirty South
Betta Watch Yo Ears Cause Country Boys Talk With A Dirty Mouth
And Dey On Dem Cornas N Dey Hustlin Up Da Dirty
what you want me to be
So I'm a be that, for six D-I-G-I-Ts
I'm a L-you-N-A-T-I-see, 'bout to be	-L-O-W-you-P, c'mon


y'all be
there's kidnap, but she was with us so I brought her.
Dun got myself into a whole heap of trouble,
Double crossed by the law so it's nobody to run to,
Yeah be the realest shit I never wrote
I ain't write this shit by the way nigga
Some real shit right here nigga
This will be the realest shit you
in these times
Niggaz don't wanna see me shine
Stop me, and then try ta tell me (Come gangsta)
And then compare me to Nelly (What ya bang bra)
Gangster or Pop, even backpackers know that I'm real good at rappin'
I was strugglin' back in the day when my hood was lackin'
Yo so I'm 'bout to talk
five-ten, weighin one-seven-one
But if you close your eyes, swore you're gettin crushed by a bum
Be like "oh Nelly, can I call you Mr. Hanes?"
Whichever one
crime and coast
It's all dey work
Shootin shit up and actin tough, ridin around with gold n stuff
It's rough
How much money you earn, enough, I own my