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No fascination could ever take your place 
Light up the shadows 
Brick by brick the walls come down 
Who can judge your magic love 
So mystically
Mystical, mystically
No critical, critically
Just physical, physically
Hawaiana, irie
Africana, feeling
Afghana, smoking
Ithiopiana, healing
Aaaaaah aaaaaaa  aaaaa
Aaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaa
Aaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaa 
Original black man 
Aaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaa 

Say you wan form mystically
Spiritually (spiritually)
Physically (physically)
Emotionally (emotionally)
Mystically (mystically)
Magically (magically)
Sensually (sensually)

Spiritually (spiritually)
Physically (physically)
Emotionally (emotionally)
Mystically (mystically)
Magically (magically)
and a mystically attuned mind,
And shortly there and after he did find...

Jeanny was a spoiled young brat, she thought she knew it all.
She smoked mentholated
And a mystically attuned mind
And shortly there
And after he did find

Jeanie was a spoiled young brat
She thought she knew it all
She smoked mentholated
and a mystically attuned mind,
And shortly there and after he did find...

Jeanny was a spoiled young brat, she thought she knew it all.
She smoked mentholated
He was a species on the verge of extinction
She was an Air New Zealand hostess
They were mystically joined like Rawicz and Landauer
Like Pinky
the virtue of charity 
Mary's charity in visiting her cousin Elizabeth 
Enabled their sons to meet mystically in their mothers' wombs 
Charity is always
along with my thoughts
Like a dream and I trail off mystically
filled gunk
That beat is mystically drunk, I'm a triumphant lump
I'm an instant glow ball coffee syrup de clog your gunk
De clog your gunk x2
mystically worship the deceased
Separating ourselves from this existential false reality

As this night unfolds our elated minds unwind
We've been set free all
the blue
This be Dejavu
Let’s be real, what’s real
So realistically I mean surrealistically
Mystiques revealed mystically
Unlocking mysteries
Myself unveiled
lifestyle down, from Denver to Tennessee
The smart ones mimic me, I got the solution the remedy
To bring God physically
I be makin history, I flow mystically
and paralyzed 
Consciously, mystically reaching for love

Yesterday was tomorrow that's when it feels
When It feels
When it’s old and new
That’s what you do
impossible results
From mystically rearranging your furniture
Not a superstitious or magical belief system
Or a new-age fad that disconnects you from reality
take it
I am jaded
I do feel pain on the daily but don’t mind me
I be a mystery and I’m mystically Mia
Say I be fine by myself
Ride by myself
Vibe by
He wound up as a causality

I am one with the galaxy

The songs I'm making 
Will awaken you
Its Knowledge of self what i
Lyrically flavourant, perfect syllable placement
Deliveries have a rhythmical cadence mystically ancient
Connecting with the energy source
Past, present,
analytically mystic-ally
Make I no make this hard to understand
Flows mi wa illegal bi contraband
Come on
You have never seen like a guy this
You never hear
of another
You want success to pop up mystically
I work smarter so the best is what you get from me
Delivery from me to you
Unwrap a new gift from me
So many
not tell cause of my innocence
Pink be the supreme that's in me every time I speak
Purple be the esoteric sensei teaching mystically
White is my purity,
You are jumping
Far into the night

Mystically reflecting
All the city lights

One-way street
Hypnotic trance

You're dying with sleep
But could you

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